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Fun Sushi Momo CLOSED !

Fun Sushi Momo CLOSED !

Name:Fun Sushi Momo CLOSED !
Address:1979 Sunny Crest Dr., Fullerton, CA 92835
Phone:(714) 525-8974
Opened:Mon-Sat: 5.00 pm
Reviews:"Suzuki makes the best seared Albacore Tuna around. This place is a local secret tucked away off the main streets in Fullerton, CA. "
- Richard Echavarria ( [27th December 2000]
"I was sitting at Momo's bar one lunch, having snuck away from work early, and an attractive lady sat a couple of chairs down and told me how she drives from South Orange County for 2 things, a doctor appointment with an old frined, and for the best tiger shrimp roll in the world, at Momo's. Also, try the Momo's Special, and order tuna sashimi, it looks like a little garden. Delightful place, not much to look at but great food. "
- Ray Kohlrust
"THE BEST SUSHI IN CALIFORNIA HANDS DOWN. I have been going to Momo's for over 6 yrs and I have yet to visit a better sushi place. try anything - especially the tiger shrimp lettuce rolls, cooked sushi pizzam albacore sashimi boat, calamari rolls and soft shell crab rolls. My friends even drive up from Newport once a month for Momo's and my Brother comes from San Clemente for Suzuki's great Sushi!!! "
- Jan - yorba Linda [March 27th 2003]
"Great sushi...but horrible service. Be prepared to wait, and be ignored by the servers. "
- Amy [Sept 7th 2004]
"I have been going to Momo's for nearly 15 years. It is the best of the best and I have family that drives there from Ventura for the tuna salad and the tiger shrimp lettuce rolls. Ask Amy if it was worth the wait. ????"
- Kathleen FitzGerald ( [Nov 22nd 2005]
"Everything you have read here is true. The service IS terrible and the food IS unbelievable. Best Sushi in the OC by a landslide. "
- Mark [Nov 13th 2006]
"Because of the St. Judes redevelopment, Momo's is closed. Does anyone know where they are moving to? "
- Paul Deiters ( [Oct 8th 2007]
"Momo's is the greatest! We went there this weekend and the whole corner is gone. Are they reopening somewhere else or rebuilding? Please someone tell me as I can't even think about finding another sushi place as good. "
- Kathy Walker ( [Oct 9th 2007]
"I have a flyer that says they are moving to: 208 Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA... on the east side of the street between Wilshire and Amerige. They projected their new opening on or before November 1, 2007. I checked directory assistance for a new phone number, but none is listed yet.Linda ,Yorba Linda CA [Nov 7th 2007] I know I am going through withdraws... I need my momos!!! lol Ok so here we are 11/16 any news yet? Jennifer Wright ( [Nov 16th 2007]"
"Momo's will be back this spring! "
- May ( [Jan 29th 2008]
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