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Davis, USA/California/Kalifornien.

Mirai Japanese Restaurant Osaka Sushi Sushi Nobu

Mirai Japanese Restaurant

Name:Mirai Japanese Restaurant
Address:620 W. Covell Blvd., Davis, CA
Phone:(530) 758-4560
Review:"Amazing *****!!! I recomend the Bay Roll...and for those hard core ***** lovers the Philadelphia Roll! Decent prices for college students. "
- Amy & Nick [Oct 10th 2004]


Osaka Sushi

Name:Osaka Sushi
Address:630 G Street
Phone:(916) 758 2288
Review:"This is the best of the 3 sushi restaurants in davis. It is also slightly more expensive, but not by much. Try the tempura CA roll. It is what we order for dessert and it is very good. The large rolls are also very good."
- (
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Nobu

Name:Sushi Nobu
Address:2939 Spafford Street #105, Davis, CA 95616
Phone:(530) 753-2200
Fax:(530) 753-3500
Opened:Tue-Sun: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5pm-10pm
Reviews:"Great selection of appetizers and entrees. Top quality seafood ! Outstanding."
- Jef de la cuisine ( [November 23rd 2000]
"Sushi Nobu provides an extended menu with appetizers ranging from Agedashi Tofu to Karei Fry over Motsu Nikomi,etc... Entree menu offers Tempura, Nabemono, Cooked Meats & Seafood, Noodles, etc... Nigiri Sushi, Makizushi, Specialty Makizushi & Sashimi are part of the Sushi Menu. Specials are created by Gakushin Yamakawa & Jan Verhelst, these Sushi Chefs provide their customers with quality and presentation. The restaurant is one out of two restaurants in Northern California that serves the rare Bluefin Tuna. "
- Nigiri_Sushi ( [March 9th 2001]
Link:Restaurant Website


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