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Frenzy Sushi I Love Sushi Sushi Wave
Wafu of Japan

Frenzy Sushi

Name:Frenzy Sushi
Address:369 E 17th St. #17, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone:(949) 646-1333
Opened:Daily: 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
Review:"Frenzy Sushi is a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Costa Mesa. It opened in early February of 2005, with the best and freshest seafood around. No other sushi restaurant in the area, with the exception of Sushi Shibucho on 19th St., can compare with Frenzy in terms of the quality of their raw ingredients. In terms of taste and creativity of dishes, Frenzy stands a head and shoulders above the rest. As IT professionals and sushi-lovers working in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, my co-workers and I have done extensive research into the Japanese restaurants in the area around Triangle Square. Cuisine: Frenzy features a range of classical dishes from various parts of Japan, including specialty dishes from Okinawa, and special creations by head chef and owner John Arteaga. Office favorites include the Oyako don, a rice bowl topped with a mixture of grilled chicken, onion, and egg, the Okinawa Soki Buni, a dish of handmade egg noodles in a flavorful broth made and served with slow braised pork short-ribs, and the Beef Katsu dinner, a breaded, seasoned, and deep-fried beef cutlet served with soup, salad, rice, and two types of special sauces. Sushi: The sushi at Frenzy is spectacular. The portions are large, the prices are reasonable, the quality is superb, and the flavor can not be described. For nigiri-sushi, I highly recommend the hamachi (yellowtail), the sake (salmon), and the tai (sea bream). For sashimi, I recommend the shiromaguro (albacore tataki), which is served on a bed of shredded daikon with a wonderful ponzu and ginger sauce. The toro (fatty tuna) can be enjoyed as either sashimi or nigiri, and is a must-try for any sushi aficionado. Unlike the toro at other sushi restaurants, which is usually chutoro (mid-grade fatty tuna), Frenzy only serves otoro (high-grade fatty tuna) from yellowtail fish. The taste and texture of this fish is simply divine. Frenzy also offers a wide selection of designer maki (rolls), including the popular California, Spicy Tuna, Crunch, and Volcano rolls, as well as special creations such as the Sombrero and 17th Street rolls. For the vegetarian sushi lover, Chef Joh! n has created a special menu of over fifteen rolls and cooked items, including the popular Edamame Crunch roll. In addition to the sushi mentioned above, you can also order a variety of chirashi (rice bowls topped with a carefully chosen and seasoned selection of the day's freshest sashimi) and motoyaki (seafood casserole braised at high heat in special sauces). The sushi at Frenzy is truly top notch, and is comparable to, or better than, the sushi served at Maizuru in Irvine, Wasa in LA, and 930 Sushi in Newport Beach. Ambience: With its tasteful blend of traditional Japanese aethetics and modern art, Frenzy is perfect as a trendy date spot, a relaxing lunch stop, or happening party place. The bar is stocked with an incredible selection of beers and sake, and mixed drinks featuring Okinawa shochu will be following shortly. Sake connoisseurs will be pleased to find high quality and rare-to-find sake on the menu, including the popular Wakatake. At $110 a bottle or $10 a glass, it's well worth the price. Price: The food and drinks at Frenzy are reasonably priced. Lunch can be had for $8 - $15. Dinner can be had for $10 - $25. The average maki (roll) price is $8, and the average nigiri (two fingers of sushi rice with a slice of fish on top of each) is $3. "
- Allen H. Lin ( [March 18th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website

Costa Mesa

I Love Sushi

Name:I Love Sushi
Address:2340 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA
Phone:(714) 540-6195
- Laurent ( [September 6th 1998]
"The sushi is fabulous, but the best thing is the sushi chef. His name is Tiger, and people will wait for a place at the counter just to watch him prepare food and perform for the crowd. The Miso Suki (marinated sea bass) is to die for."
- Bob McBrinn
"Terrible experience, fish was not fesh."
- t ( [January 2nd 2001]
"'I Love Sushi' rocks, and I've never had anything which didn't seem fresh there. Tiger (one of many chefs there) is a great guy, and definitly entertaining. "
- Cygnostik ( [August 4th 2002]

Costa Mesa

Sushi Wave

Name:Sushi Wave
Address:2075 Newport Blvd # 108, Costa Mesa, CA
Phone:(949) 722-8736
Review:"The best thing about Sushi wave is the atmosphere! The chefs are hilarious and it's generally a 20 and 30's crowd. Great date spot! The sushi is great but not as good as 'Wafu of Japan'. Very reasonable and a step above 'I Love Sushi'. "
- Peter Winscott ( [April 16th2004]

Costa Mesa

Wafu of Japan

Name:Wafu of Japan
Address:320 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA
Phone:(714) 641-7321
Reviews:"Wafu's has to be the single best thing that's ever happened to California. Harry (owner/chef) is as generous as he is kind and happy. Only downside is that it is a very small place which can get very crowded as the bulk of his customers are regulars who're there just about all the time, because we just can't get enough. "
- Cygnostik ( [August 4th 2002]
"Best kept Sushi secret in Orange County. The fish is fresher than you'll find anywhere. Harry is a great host and the service is excellent. 5 star quality at a bargain price. "
- Peter Winscott ( [April 16th 2004]
"A great spot to have a snack. Close to the airport and right across from where I frequently stay. Ranks #3 in my book."
- [Aug 21st 2005]
"The best sushi in the OC! Try the Nyna Hand Roll (Spicy yellowtail, avocado, crab meat & asparagus, wrapped in pink soy paper), the calamari so good, the spicy tuna tataki or the Samurai Burrito. So many wonderful and different choices. "
- Kenny ( [Feb 18th 2008]

Costa Mesa

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