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General Kai

General Kai

Name:General Kai Japanese Restaurant
Address:3344 East Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Phone:(949) 675-0771
Reviews:"Yum !"
- Alisa Woods ( [May 31st 1999]
"Excellent sushi. The best that I have had to date. Try the beked clam."
- Frederick Dolengo (
"Went to Gen Kai last Friday and basically got no service and no food after 1 hr. The owner was called and she basically took no responsibility for the mixup whatsoever. To make matters worse the check that she dropped on the table was totally wrong overcharging us for food we never got. So we send the check and the owner back to do some simple math. Guess what, check comes back AGAIN wrong. Maybe its only me but I would not want to eat SUSHI of all foods from such an incompetent owner. It took 30 min just to get a correct check. If the owner had any class she would have comped the meal after we waited for an hour with no food and no drink refills or even queries on how we were doing. This owner clearly feels entitled and one should question why they should eat at an establishment if the owner is so out of the loop. If the owner is that clueless what about quality much less safety of food since we are talking sushi here. Needless to say I will do everything I can to keep people away from this place. Run don't Walk from this place. If I could give a zero star I would. "
- Mike Farias [Apr 27th 2008]

Corona Del Mar

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