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Michi Sushi Sushi Boat Kazoo

Michi Sushi

Name:Michi Sushi
Address:2220 South Winchester Blvd., Campbell
Phone:(408) 378-8000
Fax:(408) 378-0882
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11am - 11pm
Review:"The sushi here is so fresh!! They have over 150 rolls. Anything they don't have they will make for you. The fish is sent from Japan daily, and is so enjoyable. Although the prices are a little high, it is so worth it. This place beats any other sushi bar in the bay area. If you want great sushi this is the place to go. "
- Mike ( [Aug 15th 1005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Boat Kazoo

Name:Sushi Boat Kazoo
Address:10 E. Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
Phone:(408) 871-1250
Reviews:"I love it. "
- Eden ( [December 28th 2000]
"For an affordable and wide variety of sushi treats, Sushi boat Kazoo is definitely the way to go. However, many of their rolls feature 3 or more of the following ingredients: tuna, salmon, tempura, crab salad, ebi, and avocado. While all the rolls are delicious, they tend to be synonymous. This disparity is remedied by the other delicious plates that can be found floating by on the boats: calamari, sashimi, deep fried scallops, hamachi kama, fruit, desserts, edamame, and much much more. On a scale of 1 through 10 (10 being inscrutable to the most delicate and experience pallet) I?d give the quality of their sushi 8.5. You won?t feel that you?ve wasted your money on bad sushi. "
- L. Landry [Sept 26th 2003]
"This restaurant is so nasty, the food is just plain gross. The customer service is totally bad. The fish is warm half the time, and the food doesn't even get to you for at least an hour. Don't go there! They should look up to a better place such as TGI, Sushi Zono, or even Michi Sushi. "
- Drew [Aug 15th 2005]


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