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Bonsai Japanese Cuisine

Bonsai Japanese Cuisine

Name:Bonsai Japanese Cuisine
Address:3401 El Camino Real, Atherton, CA 94027
Phone:(650) 367-6547
Reviews:"Outstanding experience. Great portions, have the New York Roll, the Dragon, something else called the Last Place (I think), Ahi fresh from Hawaii, someone in our party had a hand roll, looked great. Our chef, Sato, was great fun. If you are in the area you have to check it out."
- John Strong ( [October 24th 1997]
"Excellent sushi, probably the freshest in this part of the peninsula. A little heavy on the fish, which can be good or bad depending on your taste. Ample portions. Udon was pretty good too."
- Robert Leitch ( [February 15th 1999]
"Bloody fantastic. best sushi in the bay area yet. The wonderful phenomenon known as the "sun rise" roll is an addiction that has me bound to bonsaii by invisible fishy chains. You MUST go if you're anywhere near redwood city, heck, its even worth commuting down from SF."
- Perki (
"Used to be in Redwood City on Jefferson. It has relocated to El Camino about 2 miles north of Jefferson."
- [Dec 23rd 2005]
"The restaurant not only lost my credit card, but then called me late that night to request another card number to pay for my $40 meal after they could not find my VISA. I questioned the owner (Mike)and he had the nerve to call me a lousy customer that they didn't want anyway - Rude service! "
- richard ennis ( [March 31st 2006]


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