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Sachiko Sakura Teppan Steak & Seafood Sushi Hama


Name:Sachiko Restaurant
Address:1101 N. Wilmot, Suite 109, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Review:"Everyone that we know that comes to Tucson from Japan says that Sachiko is the only true Japanese Restaurant/Sushi Bar in Tucson. I love the Udon Noodles and Edamame (soybeans), along with all of the sushi. Sachiko has been in Tucson for 3 years now. There are a total of 5 Japanese restaurants in Tucson, but this is the most noteworthy."
- Gwen and Kevin Reardon (


Sakura Teppan Steak & Seafood

Name:Sakura Teppan Steak & Seafood
Address:6534 East Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ
Phone:(520) 298-7777
Fax:(520) 751-1512
Opened:Daily: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Atmosphere great, service good, and the food is excellent."
- C.A. Marlin ( [July 13th 1998]
"This exquisite restaurant in Tucson is an excellent place for lunch or dinner. The setting is very spacious and relaxing. K.C. An, the owner, is very hospitable and friendly. I recommend Sakura to anyone in the Tucson area that is looking forward! to an evening of pleasure and excitement."
- Edward Diaz


Sushi Hama

Name:Sushi Hama
Address:3971 North Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone:(520) 888-6763
Fax:(520) 888-6765
Opened:10am-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Reviews:"Is the best sushi and the best service"
- Marcia Valenzuela
"This is a very unique place, sushi-hama has the best service. Sushi here is delicious and they also have a daily special of $18.00 all you can eat. Is just the best!!!! "
- Marcia Mendoza
"Excellent Sushi - great atmosphere! Would highly recommend to sushi lovers. Great $19.95 all you can eat deal. "
- [May 23rd 2005]
"The food is really good. The new owner is a friendly professional. As we were walking out, he did not charge my friend. (The waitress did snatch my credit card at the table when I asked for my portion of the bill.) However, a waitress working at the place is extremely rude. When I asked for the rolls to be made smaller, the waitress cut me off, and started to raise her voice. 'They supposed to be big. They have 3 types of fish.' Yes, one roll did have 3 types of fish in it, but the other had only one, and both were the size of my palm. When I repeated that they were ridiculously big, she yelled 'Don't talk to me! I don't make sushi! Talk to sushi chef! Talk to sushi chef! You want order more! Is that what you want?!' She was literally yelling at me, people were staring at us, and it was a very unpleasant experience. When I order off the all you can eat menu, I like to enjoy some variety. On that particular day, I was denied that privilege. Yes, I am half the lady's age, but I was not being rude to her. In short, such a spectacle was not necessary. They seriously need to teach the waitress how to control her temper. "
- [Jan 2nd 2007]


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