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Banzai (REOPENED !)

Banzai (REOPENED !)

Name:Banzai Japanese Restaurant
Address:450-C Schillinger Rd., Mobile, AL 36608
Phone:(334) 633-9077
Reviews:"Mr. Oki, gets terrific fresh Gulf seafood (awesome softshell crawfish roll). Generally has 8-10 daily sushi specials. Of course, he has the typical sushi fare, but enjoying the local offerings will make it a memorable experience. My wife and I lived in San Francisco & New York, and find Banzai on par with some of the best we have eaten."
- Dick Whiting ( [June 1st 1998]
"My husband and I drove 20 miles out of the way to go to this restauraunt and were incredibly disappointed. we love sushi and this was garbage. not only were the rolls sloppy - as in falling apart on the plate and really not even rolled - but we both agreed that the sushi at any given supermarket would be better than what we were served. we might have even been able to forgive the pathetic sushi had it not been for the incredibly poor - AND RUDE - service. we are very easy to wait on, generally tip between 25 - 30 % and both agree that this was the worst dining experience of our two-week vacation. save your money - stay away from banzai. "
- leah davis ( [June 6th2004]
"I was just wondering what happened to Mr. Oki and the rest of the staff. The restaurant has been closed for a long time. Does anyone know what happened? "
- Debbie ( [Dec 13th 2004]
"The restaurant is open again! My wife and I love this place, we go at least once a month. The rolls are generous, the miso is exceptional, and the atmosphere is nice - they bring hot towels before the meal. After the remodeling, they have less seating but more counter 'bar' space. They are also concentrating on sushi and rolls, with a minimal appetizer tempura menu. We miss that they are no longer open for lunch. Closed Sunday and Monday, get here early other days or be ready for a wait. Best sushi in Mobile, AL - we've tried them all."
- [Dec 28th 2005]


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