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Beni Iguana's Sushi Bar Koto Buki Quick Sushi & Bubble Tea

Beni Iguana's Sushi Bar

Name:Beni Iguana's Sushi Bar
Address:33 Chatham Street East, Windsor, ON N9A2W2
Phone:(519) 252-2838
Reviews:"Fresh, Delicious, and Fun - a great sushi bar, and their signature 'Iguana Sauce' is so delicious that I had to buy a bottle to take home! "
- Melanie ( [Feb 3rd 2005]
"First time there: As I walked in they informed me they were closing (rolled their eyes) and allowed me to sit at the sushi bar. A couple that came in after me was pleasantly allowed in and was given water & menus right away. Nice! The food was ok but overpriced, the miso was from a package and then microwaved, the sushi maker was sarcastic and unenthusiastic. Oh yeah, they didn't have tea...never went back! "
- Unhappy customer [April 8th 2005]
"Just so everyone knows, Koto Buki shut down recently, the one located at Dorwin Plaza...I wonder why...Windsor is the worst place to be opening a sushi restaurant because the windsor market *mostly big 3 workers* think raw fish, or any fish for that matter is disgusting. I know this is an unfair stereotype, but I seen more people in bigger cities who love to eat sushi than in Windsor. Secondly, were not by the sushi is usually more expensive. I recently went to a new sushi place called Oishii in Windsor, located nearby Iguana's, and was it ever terrible...Windsor sushi restauarants has nothing even near what real sushi restaurants hand towels before the meal...edamame in their menu...unenthusiastic staff most of all...and the sushi sucks. Most of the guys making the sushi are not even japanese...or certified sushi chefs for the next guy trying to come up for a business plan to open a sushi restaurant in Windsor, I hope he does his homework first because it ain't gonna fly. Not only that this place was overpriced...I guess I will try Iguana's on my next try, but seeing they don't even serve TEA at a sushi restaurant and a review saying that the sushi chef was unenthusiastic, isn't going to make me rush over there to try the food. Even their restaurant decor atmosphere is lacking...true sushi restaurant should try to eat sushi at Oishii's front tables near the entrance...oh I wonder who poured all this money into a sushi least consult a japanese person...not some other asian, because we are all different...and they will tell you you wasted your money...windsor sushi restaurants suck...koto buki was a decent sorry to see it closed. "
- Mary ( [Aug 9th 2005]
"I have been to Iguana's many times. The miso soup is a little too salty for my liking but is okay. All the other food I have tried there I liked. I was happy with the presentation of the food, the taste of the food and the wait staff. Everyones opinions are different of course but this is my opinion. "
- Melissa ( [Dec 5th 2005]
"I don't know why there are negative reviews here about Iguana's Sushi Bar. Ok, one is a 'sushi purist' and the other had what must be a fluke bad experience, but trust me purely for the quality of sushi, do not pass up Iguana's. I've had sushi in Vancouver, Toronto, and in Windsor (Oiishi, Teka, Iguana, & Koto Buki), and Iguana is one of the best if not the best I've had. Koto Buki is/was quite good, but I would say Iguana is as good or better. Iguana's atmosphere is *not* traditional Japanese, it's more like a downtown bar / small restaurant, but it's still a great place. And I totally disagree about the chef having a bad attitude, I've seen two different sushi chef's there, and both are very personable and carry on conversations with customers... so, just thought I should defend what is truly a good sushi place worth trying! p.s. If Koto Buki did ever go out of business, I was there in November so I think it's back open - also worth checking out "
- [Jan 9th 2006]


Koto Buki

Name:Koto Buki
Address:Dougall Avenue, Windsor, Ontario
Phone:(519) 250-4040
Reviews:"Excellent, eat there at least once a week."
- Stephanie ( [September 23rd 2000]
"I like iguana better. Decent."
- [March 5th 2005]
"Koto Buki is not closed that's incorrect information. This is the best in town. Thank you all......... "
- Shoko Yamakawa ( [Oct 3rd 2005}
"Koto Buki is a great, friendly sushi bar (I was there last week: July 2006). Delicious sushi and cute atmosphere. Don't waste your money or tastebuds on Iguana/Oishii. I hear Teka is ok though, haven't been yet. "
- Happy Koto-Kustomer [Aug 10th 2006]


Quick Sushi & Bubble Tea

Name:Quick Sushi & Bubble Tea
Address:634 Notre Dame st., Windsor
Phone:(519) 728-0686
Review:"About the kitchen, there is a moat for the Rotational floating Sushi Boat carrying plates. There are different colored plates for the different prices. As the boats go around, the customers can choose the kind of sushi they desire and take it from the boat onto their own dishes. "
- Jason Kim ( [Feb 5th 2007]
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