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Sushi Village Zen Whistler (2)

Sushi Village

Name:Sushi Village
Address:4272 Mountain Square, Whistler, BC, VON 1B4
Phone:(604) 932-3330
Fax:(604) 932-2594
Opened:daily: 4pm - 11pm
Reviews:"Openend in 1985, Sushi Village, located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, is about as famous in some circles as the world-class ski resort itself. Known for its casual yet vibrant atmosphere, terrific sushi, and legendary sake margaritas, Sushi Village is as much a social experience as it is a dining one. Visitors and locals alike repeatedly make the trip to what has become, an icon of the Whistler social scene. There is something for everything at Sushi Village. The diverse menu offers a range of Japanese cuisine to please everyone's tastes including sushi, salads, soups, Teriyaki dinners, chicken dishes and hot pots. "
- Stacey ( [September 24th 2002]
" "


Zen Whistler (2)

Name:Zen Whistler (2)
Address:#101 2202 Gondola Way, Whistler Creekside
Phone:(604) 932-3667
Fax:(604) 932-3663
Review:"Opened since November 2003. Second location of Zen Japanese Restaurant from West Vancouver. "
- Nobu Ochi ( [March 19th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website


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