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Azuma Sushi Chikara (former Fuku Sushi) Izumi
Kaz Shizen Sushi Sushi On the Sea

Azuma Sushi

Name:Azuma Sushi
Address:615 Yates Street, Victoria, BC
Phone:(250) 3828768
Fax:(250) 3828980
Opened:11am -10pm
Review:" Visit to see everything from Menu to Restaurant Profile. "
- Ken ( [August 6th 2002]
Link:Restaurant Website


Chikara (former Fuku Sushi)

Name:Chikara (former Fuku Sushi)
Address:280-2950 Douglas Street (on the Burnside entrance), Victoria, BC
Phone:(250) 385-6789
Fax:(250) 385-3789
Opened:11.30 am - 2pm,5pm - 9pm (closed Sunday)
Reviews:"Basic selection, but all their fish is the highest quality. Perfect texture, very flavourful. All you can eat special on sushi and hot dishes Tuesday and Saturday lunch. Take out and delivery also. "
- Squirrel ( [October 27th 2000]
"Same comment as before (high quality, great texture and flavour). But, no all you can eat specials, but $0.99 nigiri sushi Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. "
- [March 5th 2003]
"In my opinion, this is the best Japanese restraunt in Victoria. Far and away the best quality of fish. A good number of unique and interesting rolls. Be sure to try: Rob's roll, Ninja roll, and Kamikazi roll. Excellent value as well, their prices are reasonable and their portions large. Their tuna tataki, miso soup, and sunomuno salad are without a doubt the best I\'ve ever had. Highly recommended! "
- [August 18th 2005]
"Chikara has the best dynamite rolls I've ever had, and I've eaten at tons of restaurants in BC! Their beef teriyaki and their other rolls are also excellent!"
- [Aug 10th 2006]
"I must say Chikara Sushi is the BEST Japanese restaurant in Victoria. Their rolls : Rob's roll, Dyenamite, Kamakazi, Ninja, Yamacado, and Yam roll are out of this world. So's their Tuna Tataki. Their fish is always fresh and their Customer service is great! If you want good sushi for a fair price Chikara is the one."
- [Feb 24th 2007]
"Always tasty and good value with good service and friendly chef Tao. "
- CAT [May 25th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website
Other related Links:Restaurant Website



Name:Izumi Japanese Restaurant
Address:739 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone:(250) 995-8432
Fax:(250) 370-2437
Opened:11.30am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Reviews:"The best Japanese restaurant in Victoria, bar none. Fantastic food, service and atmosphere. People have come from Japan and said that is has better food than in Japan."
- Irene Fizzell ( [August 19th 1998]
"Better than Japan....good lord, let's not get too ahead of ourselves now....that's laughable, the food is ok, but it's nothing compared to Japan. "
- Stuart Hashimoto ( [June 19th 2008]



Name:Kaz Japanese Restaurant
Address:1619 Store Street, Victoria, BC, Canada
Phone:(250) 386-9121
Opened:11am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Kaz is a fantastic sushi restaurant, with reasonable prices and very high quality. In Victoria, there are only two quality sushi options: Izumi and Kaz. "
- Paul Ramsey ( [July 16th 2000]
"Has been one of my favorite sushi spots not only on the Island but in all of BC. I'm from Vancouver, and when I come to Victoria, I eat at Kaz."
- [Jan 2nd 2006]
"There are 2 great sushi spots in town in my opinion, Ebizo and Kaz. If you want a touch more selection or better presentation in dinners etc. go to Ebizo. If you want a great selection of straight up amazing fresh, clean sushi, Kaz wins best in town. "
- Wayne [Sep 12th 2007]


Shizen Sushi

Name:Shizen Sushi
Address:1706 Government st., Victoria
Phone:(250) 381-8228
Review:" "
- James Tran ( [Jan 20th 20099
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi On the Sea

Name:Sushi On the Sea
Address:6669 Horne Rd, Wharf, Sooke,Victoria (Vancouver Island)
Phone:642-6650 / 744-4908 / 642-6669
Review:"Food safe excellence facility, Vancouver Island Health Authority. We are on a boat, so if you don't see a building, think of Sushi ON the Sea, and that's where you will find us.....ON the sea"
- Kari Osselton ( [March 26th 2004]
Link:Reataurant Website


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