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Akashi-Ya Hatto Sushi Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant Ltd.
Megumi Sushi Tengu Tokachi
Tokyo Young Yuki Japanese Sushi


Address:307-7093 King George Highway, Surrey, B. C.
Phone:(604) 590-0888
Review:" Terrific. Friendly service and extremely fresh food. Although it's situated in a lame little plaza next to a bingo hall, it is very nice inside. The menu is relatively simple but has all of my favourites. I would highly reccomend it, not too expensive either. "
- tweak [February 13th 2003]


Hatto Sushi

Name:Hatto Sushi
Address:6350 120 Street #120, Surrey, BC
Phone:(604) 592-2490
Reviews:"The absolute best tuna and negitoro rolls I've ever had! The dynamite rolls are a little disappointing but everything else I've tried is very good. Serves corn tea instead of green tea, quite nice for a change. Service is always fast and friendly. Highly recommended! "
- Martin Lylyk (Dec 21st 2005]
"Quite impressed with the place. Very friendly service & huge portions! Had the prawn tempura (yum) and Crazy Roll (deep fried California Roll), very good! "
- [March 20th 2006]


Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant Ltd.

Name:Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant Ltd.
Address:13651 72 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.
Phone:(604) 592-2883
Fax:(604) 592-2783
Reviews:"Kyoto Sushi is a great Japanese restaurant located in Surrey. I have been to this restaurant many , many times and will return again and again.The sushi is always fresh. The employees are friendly and will help you with any advice you may need. The menu has pictures for those not sure on what to order and I have tried almost every entry ,always having to have an order of appetizer tempura . My car has this place marked as a stopping point each time I am in the area. Recommended place to stop anytime when they are open. "
- Wayne Peters ( [January 22nd 2002]
"The sushi here is average at best. About the same quality as I'd expect to get from a food court. Not that anything was particularly bad, just that nothing was particularly good either. Not a place I'd revisit. "
- Martin Lylyk [Dec 21st 2005]
"Very unfortunate that this place has gone downhill under recent management. I've been a customer here for over 10 years and today vowed never to return. It's traded hands a few times in the past few years and now it is clear that customer service is NOT their top priority. I have had several poor experiences in the past few months, both in quality of food and service. I will not trash them by giving details (way too angry right now anyway, I'll write a book of stuff), but I'm sure that they don't deserve to have all the plaques up on the wall about it being the BEST place in Surrey. It is no longer the best place and it's unfortunate that they've lost many loyal customers because of their lack of attention to how they treat them. Previous owners made it an awesome place and THEY deserve to have those plaques up, present management brings all those years of hard work to shame. "
- [July 20th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website


Megumi Sushi

Name:Megumi Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Address:14910 - 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada
Phone:(604) 930-7879
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Sun and Public Holidays closed
Review:"- Good food - Reasonable price - Friendly atmosphere - From sushi to tempura, teriyaki, udon, gyoza, donburi, etc. - Good service - Dine-in or take-out"
- ( [April 26th 1999]



Name:Tengu Sushi Garden
Address:13893 Fraser Highway, Surrey, B.C. Canada
Phone:(604) 588-9779
Opened:Daily: 11.30am - 1.30pm, 5pm - 10pm
Reviews:"I am the manager so anything I say will be prejudiced. But customer reaction so far has been excellent. Between our two chefs, (one is the owner) we have over 50 years experience at the sushi bar!"
- Derek Welch ( [September 1st 1997]
"Tengu is one of the very few authentic Japanese restaurants remaining. My grandparents (who are Japanese) first took me there. I loved it. The sushi is as good as my grandmas! Their avocado roll is amazing. They practically give you the whole avocado. I also like their tempura. I highly recommend this restaurant."
- [June 20th 2006]



Address:10767 King George Highway, Surrey, B.C. V3T 2X6
Phone:(604) 951-3800
Reviews:"Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki at reasonable prices."
- Roland Zeh [August 19th 1998]
"My absolute favorite sushi place EVER - great food - great people - love it!! "
- Kim Hughes ( [Sept 7th 2004]


Tokyo Young

Name:Tokyo Young
Address:14910 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3R 1M7
Phone:(604) 588-2338
Reviews:"This is the BEST Japanese Restaurant in the Surrey area! The food is great, and the customer service is excellent. Very family oriented. I love this place! "
- Andrea & Graeme ( [Mar 1st 2007]
"The waitress there is VERY hot. Easily top 10 in my books. Friendly too. I always see a bunch of guys trying to flirt with her, pretty lol~ "
- ^_^v sushi lover ( [March 2007]


Yuki Japanese Sushi

Name:Yuki Japanese Sushi
Address:#40-10330 152 St. Guilford Place,Surrey
Phone:(604) 585-9851
Review:"HORRIBLE!!!!! I've had a lot of sushi in the last few years, and this is the worst. The tuna nigiri was off, the salmon looked horrible, the order was wrong, the tempura batter was heavy and undercooked, the service was bad and when I called to complain they called me a liar. Prices were also way too high for what they served. "
- Lisa ( [August 25th 2004]


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