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Daimasu Fukuroku Sushi Jun Sushi
Kiyo Osaka Today Japanese Restaurant Richmond Sushi
Seto Sushi Han Tokyo Joe's Sushi


Address:8300 Granville Avenue, Richmond
Phone:(604) 270-4846
Review:"Worst food I've had in years. The service could not be worse. This applies to all the Daimasu restaurants especially the one in Richmond. I know a few people who have gotten food poisoning (probably from the old sashimi) from there. "
- Thomas [Feb 27th 2006]


Fukuroku Sushi

Name:Fukuroku Sushi
Address:4260 No3 Road, Richmond, BC VX 2C2
Phone:(604) 273-0622
Opened:11.30am - 2am
Reviews:"Richmond is now home to almost 200 Japanese restaurants but Fukuroku is probably one of the best. It is unique in the sense that it has kaiten (rotating) sushi bar with the sushi chefs located there on the spot to take orders you donīt see. They also have daily and monthy specials with hotdog meals for the kids who just refuse to try octopus and the sharkfin sushi. Other dishes are fairly general and there is nothing too unique but I think the sushi experience is the main attraction with the cooked food as a supplement. Look for seasonal specials like abalone and pine mushrooms and with its large size, Fukuroku can accomodate group parties. And not to worry, even if you are not sitting at the rotating sushi bar, you can still slip in and grab your favourites."
- mak
"This place is ok, but the sushi ain't the freshest when there aren't enough ppl in the restaurant (cuz no one is eating the old stuff). Be prepared for a big chlorine smell when u get to the restaurant, not the more appetizing smell in the world. "
- Wes ( [February 13th 2003]
" "
Link:Restaurant Website


Jun Sushi

Name:Jun Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Address:6648 No. 3 Rd, Richmond (Vancouver), BC
Phone:(604) 273-5689
Reviews:" Inexpensive, High Quality Sushi. Large Selection. Eat-in or Take Out. Some Hot Dishes as well."
- David Berns ( [December 31st 2000]
" Sushi master is Mr. Jun and his Chinese wife is the server. This is a small family restaurant and I usually eat there every friday. Inexpensive but good, a nice selection and great green tea. Please note the City of Richmond (pop 100 000) is immediately south of Vancouver and is the location of the International Airport (YVR). Sister city of Richmond is Wakayama, Japan. Richmond is about 50% Chinese and most Sushi restaurants feature Japanese food made for the Chinese palate."
- Hank J. Myra ( [November 21st 2001]
"Jun sushi really is for the typical Chinese and Caucasian tongue. Only go to Jun sushi if you're desperate for quick cheap sushi. Don't expect the sushi master making the sushi, cuz most of the time it's the waitress that makes the sushi and the maki and the nigiri. "
- wes ( [February 13th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:102 -11590 Cambie Road, Richmond, BC
Phone:(604) 214-1388
Review:" Try there lobster chirashi.. it's GREAT! "
- godwin ( [March 5th 2003]


Osaka Today Japanese Restaurant

Name:Osaka Today Japanese Restaurant
Address:Blundell Center, 8180 No. 2 Road, Richmond, BC V7C5K1
Phone:(604) 277-2711
Review:"I can recommend Osaka Today Japanese Restaurant for genuine Japanese Udon Noodles. Udon Noodle Artist is Mr. Yoshiaki Miyata, and only 30 servings per day are prepared. "
- Hank J. Myra ( [January 8th 2002]


Richmond Sushi

Name:Richmond Sushi
Address:488-8388 Capstan Way, Richmond, British Columbia
Phone:(604) 207-7799
Fax:(604) 207-7779
Opened:11 am - 2.30, 5 pm - 12 am
Reviews:"All you can eat sushi offered most hours of the day. Very high quality, and at a fabulous price ($11.95 Canadian) Not bad service. Nice place, clean and modern but with traditional decor. I go there at least once a week, and I highly recommend it. "
- James ( [June 1st 2001]
"If you order all-you-can-eat it's totally not worth it. The food is slapped together and served to you as if you're a dog. The food is not fresh at all. Don't even bother ordering from the menu, cuz you will feel ripped off. Your best bet is to stick with all-you-can-eat and just go to some other place next time. The food also makes you go to the washroom quite quickly. = ( "
- Louis ( [Febraury 13th 2003]
"I have been to Richmond Sushi many times, and it hasn't dissapointed once. The sushi/food is fresh and delicious. I don't know what the other guy was talking about not being fresh. Service is good, as you never need to hunt them down to give your next order. For the price, environment, and selection of food this place is highly recommended. Best in Richmond. "
- [May 12th 2003]
"I just went to Richmond Sushi two days in a row for the 9.95 all-you-can-eat lunch mon-fri. The sushi was great. The service was professional and friendly. The manager was a nice guy and took the time to personally greet and thank customers. Also, there is no catches to the all you can eat. They want you to enjoy it, not discourage you from eating too much (eg Robson Sushi, Vancouver). That way I was happy and would recommend it to others, everybody wins. Although all the staff were respectful many looked a bit depressed and unhappy, which made me feel sad:(. "
- Chris [Jan 27th 2004]
"Great Great Great!!! Service is Excellent, Food is Beyond Delicious, Great Price Too. If you enjoy Great service, the kind that don't leave you waiting for your next order then come to this restaurant. I drive 1 hour from Bellingham, WA, passing dozens of sushi houses, just to eat at Richmond Sushi. They have my business !!!! AWJansen ( [April 14th 2005] I found the food and service very good, and the restaurant itself very clean and well maintained. Do yourself a favor though and reserve seats for the $11.95 all you can eat evening special(9:30-12:00). With this type of quality and great price, the place gets very busy, very fast after that time. J. Santos [May 3rd 2005] "
"I had to pay $23 per person. The service was HORRIBLE. I'm physically scared to come back there. Do you know that you have to explain to the owner about your leftover foods?? I can't believe the owner actually checked on every single plate for leftover foods. We had to explain to him why we didn't finish one last fish ball left on skewer, 1 piece of tuna, 2 pieces of fried potatoes...I thought I paid him to serve me food, not to teach me what to eat and how to eat. Beside being harassed by the owner about our leftover foods, we were also forced to leave the restaurant because of our unsatisfied expression. These are nothing compared to what I witnessed. While eating, the owner came and complained us about our leftover foods and requested us to hand him back all the food that we cannot finish. He actually took away our foods (which I just tasted) and gave them to other customers in front of us. I think it is the most nasty thing I've ever seen in my life. He let's other customers eat our leftover food. How disgusting !!!!!! After I saw that, I wanted to puke everything I ate. Anyway, it was an expensive $53 valuable experience/lesson from a buffet restaurant. Now I know where NOT to eat to keep me healthy. "
- a visitor from USA [Aug 20th 2007]



Name:Seto Japanese Restaurant
Address:125-8291 Alexandra, Richmond, BC, Canada
Phone:(604) 231-9493
Reviews:"A family owned and operated, it is my absolute favorite restaurant. The food is premium quality, the presentation is impeccable. Special touches like Sake from Japan, some with gold flakes in it, served in special cups, with a history to go with them. These people are always happy to see you and treat you as if you are family. That along with spectacular sushi, makes it my favorite place. Donīt forget to try their special Spring Soup, served in a little kettle. Yummy!"
- Mrs Ash ( [May 12th 1998]
"Seto used to be pretty good, but ever since they moved into Ota-ya's location, they just aren't as good as before. "
- Wes ( [February 13th 2003]


Sushi Han

Name:Sushi Han
Address:6020 Blundell 130 Rd., Richmond (Vancouver), BC V7C1H8
Phone:(604) 271-1117
Fax:(604) 271-1575
Opened:Daily, closed on Sundays
Reviews:"Inexpensive, TOP Quality Sushi! Huge selection of Sashimi, Nigiri, and Maki. "
- David Berns ( [December 31st 2000]
"Sushi Han has recently remodelled and added hot dishes to their previously sushi-exclusive menu. The food is all fabulous, of the highest quality. "
- The Gateway Theatre gang [January 16th 2002]
"They are the MASTERS of traditional sushi technique. The Sushi chef is amazing and is Japanese as well! The rice they use for sushi is warm and moist, and doesn't break apart when u try to pick it up with your chopsticks. Tonnes of ppl order out, but u can also dine in. The price is more than reasonable, for something this good!!! U haven't had sushi until you've tried SUSHI HAN!!! = ) Note: be prepared to wait in line for a while. "
- Wes ( [February 13th 2003]
"This is one of my favourite sushi restaurant in the Lower Mainland. The quality of food is excellent and the price is very affordable ($1 each pc for most sushi). The service is ok, but due to the layout of the restaurant, sometimes you get poorer (still acceptable though) service if you sit in the booth seats because they just can't see you. There are tones of people ordering take out from this place everyday. It is highly recommended that you call and place the order first, otherwise you will be waiting at least 30 - 45 mins. "
- sushi fan [March 20th 2008]


Tokyo Joe's Sushi

Name:Tokyo Joe's Sushi
Address:Across from Save-On Foods in Richmond (No.3 rd)
Review:" Opened as almost as long as save-on foods. Tokyo Joe's is ok, but nothing special. Korean owned and operated. It's ok if you're not expecting too much. "
- wes ( [Febraury 13th 2003]



Address:130-135, 4751 Garden City Road, Richmond, BC
Phone:(604) 276-2628
Review:"Prices are great, decor is beautiful, and great people on the floor and in the kitchen. "
- Michelle [May 26th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website


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