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Hanabi Michi Sushi Neo Japonica
Wasabi Wasabi Japanese Restaurant


Address:1950 Broad St , Regina, SK
Phone:(306) 585-8880
Review:"Very good nigiri sushi. A nice selection of sushi boats. "
- Heather H. ( [March 27th 2005]


Michi Sushi

Name:Michi Sushi
Address:1943 Scarth St , Regina, SK
Phone:(306) 565-0141
Reviews:"An excellent selection of sushi rolls in a casual atmosphere. "
- Heather H. ( [March 27th 2005]
"Probably the best sushi restaurant in Regina. Run by people who actually know their Japanese Cuisine, they have professional sushi chefs there making the sushi, and the restaurant itself was designed to look and feel authentic as well. This should Definitely be your 1st stop! "
- Dan Shier [Oct 8th 2007]
"By far the best Japanese restaurant in Saskatchewan! Try the Soft Shelled Crab Rolls when available. "
- Manya ( [Dec 19th 2007]


Neo Japonica

Name:Neo Japonica
Address:2167 Hamilton St., Regina
Phone:(306) 359-7669
Review:"Neo Japonica is a great place for authentic sushi and good service. Food is delicious and servers are knowledgeable about menu. "
- Jill [Aug 19th 2007]



Address:1907 11th Ave, (in downtown Holiday Inn), Regina
Phone:(306) 359-0324
Reviews:"The lunch boxes are excellent!! The service is best in the evening. The rolls are wonderful, especially the Spider rolls. Addicting. "
- Sarah [July 17th 2007]
"Please do not bother.I tried a variety of rolls and when one arrived with processed cheese in it, I sent it back (it was disgusting)...they insisted I pay for it anyway. I was polite the whole time (dining alone & trying to not draw attention to myself) and the waitress kept coming back to tell me that the owner refused to come out but insisted I pay...they finally told me I did not have to pay (for the $6 roll) but that they would not make me any more food (I had ordered about $25 worth of additional dishes still to come) and that they wanted me to leave immediately. It was the most bizarre restaurant experience of my life. "
- Manya ( [Dec 19th 2007]
"Super super good!! I love there phili rolls yum yum!! "
- Ricardo ( [Feb 23rd 2010]


Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

Name:Wasabi Japanese Restaurant
Address:2577 Quance St., Regina
Phone:(306) 757-9272
Reviews:"The absolute worst attempt at sushi I've ever had the misfortune to experience. You'd do better off with the take away offered by Sobey's. "
- Patrick [May 14th 2008]
"The establishment is rather small with only ~10 tables. They usually have steady take out orders so service can be a bit slow at times. Items are reasonably priced. Of the many items tried, I've only found 1 that was poorly done. "
- Rob [July 13th 2008]
"Man...these guys aren't even japanese...they didn't know the difference between Nigiri and sashimi....they are korean!....try making what you know! "
- Ray Coister [Aug 2nd 2008]


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