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Bento Sushi Festival Japan Genji Japanese Restaurant
Ichibei J.V.T.G.C. Kinki
Lapointe Shogun Suisha Gardens
Sushi 88 Sushi Zone Takara

Bento Sushi

Name:Bento Sushi
Address:606 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Quebec
Phone:(613) 562-2563
Opened:Not on sundays
Reviews:"Had an assorted platter and it was good. Haven't sampled enough to rate though."
- ( [February 25th 2001]
"This place is so cool. It has a wide variety of sushi and it is delicious. Mr Bento's rice is prepared differently than other sushi places and leaves you wanting more. A friendly place to go and always has soothing japanese music playing. He has classes(which I took and had ALOT of fun), rice, nori, mirin and other sushi ingredients to choose from. He also has japanese decorations. It's a small, cozy place to relax, eat misoshiru(miso soup), drink green tea, and jump into the sushi! It is my favourite place to eat! "
- Pierre-Yves ( [June 5th 2002]
"Although I was a bit wary at first, Bento Sushi quickly won me over. Although the menu is relatively small, and they did not have any tuna available the day I went, everything that they served was absolutley perfect! The fish was excellent and fresh, the service was friendly and subtely attentive - even the tea was truely superior! Bento Sushi recieves my highest recommendation! "
- Tara ( [August 9th 2005]


Festival Japan

Name:Festival Japan
Address:149 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Phone:(613) 234-1224
Reviews:"I think this restaurant in Ottawa offers better and more consistently varied sushi than ´Japanese Village Teppan Grill Cookery´ and ´Suisha Gardens´."
"The sushi has always been good, very fresh and delightful. But the atmosphere is a little too 'hurried' and hard to relax in, a little un-Japanese. Wish they would do something about the overhead fans which are usually on full and cause you to roll up your collar and finish up fast. Obviously this would bother someone only after repeated visits. The food has always been worth it. "
- Peter [January 15th 2002]


Genji Japanese Restaurant

Name:Genji Japanese Restaurant
Address:175 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0C3
Phone:(613) 236-2880
Reviews:"The owner told me that the restaurant is named after 'The Tale of Genji' which is an ancient Japanese literature written 1000 years ago. Cool. Genji has the feel of upscale restaurant that serve Japanese food; there's no 'Japanese restaurant' decor or Japanese front-room staff. However, the Food at Genji was exquisitely prepared and very flavorful and tasty. Well, if you are in Ottawa, Genji Japanese Restaurant is the place. Enjoy!!! "
- Connie ( [Dec 18th 2005]
"I was looking for a Japanese restaurant for my girl friend's birthday. What an unusual place! It’s really close to Elgin (west side of Elgin). We find ourselves in a warm, elegant, atmospheric place. The service was fantastic, especially as we didn't know what to order, and the food was amazing. Sushi was delicious and salmon teriyaki was amazing. We would go back to this place again. "
- Rice lover ( [Dec 26th 2005]
"Aside from atmosphere and decor, what makes Genji different than others is that it is a gourmet Japanese restaurant other than sushi and sashimi. Genji is actually a superb get-together place. "
- M. Wright [Dec 28th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website



Name:Ichibei Japanese Cuisine
Address:197 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Phone:(613) 563-2375
Reviews:"Great authentic Japanese-owned, Japanese family-run restaurant openend in 1996."
- M.M. ( [June 25th 1998]
"This is the best Japanese restaurant in Ottawa. The sushi was fresh and I met a Japenses ex-pat at the sushi bar. This is always a good sign. "
- ( [July 6th 2001]
"A comfortable, cozy place, fairly small, with lots of wood in the decor and interesting Japanese prints on the walls. Tables have large and inviting laquered wood place settings, instead of the standard issue cloth, plastic, or nothing. The sushi is always fresh and well made and presented on attractive plates or wood blocks. Small warning: the soya sauce is full strength -- quite salty. Overall, a very satisfying sushi experience. "
- Peter [January 17th 2002]
"The sushi was quite good....average portions and great decor. I found it to be slightly pricey, but the sushi was fresh. "
- Liana R. [February 26th 2002]
"Hands down the best sushi restaurant in Ottawa! "
- Gordon ( [Feb 23rd 2010]



Name:Japanese Village Teppan Grill Cookery
Address:170 Laurier at Metcalfe, Ottawa, Ontario
Phone:(613) 236-9519
Review:"Service was slow, but staff was friendly. Expensive per serving size. Large groups will love the cooking tables and presentation "
- Janet Band ( [Sept 15th 2003]



Address:41 York St., Ottawa
Phone:(613) 789-9559
Reviews:"Nice place with excellent sushi. Hip atmosphere -- reminds me of Montreal. Sometimes there's a DJ spinning CDs, not sure of the schedule. Good place to hit before going clubbing. "
- Mike ( [September 29th 2001]
"Trendy, but the chefs can't handle the crowd. It took over 90 minutes for a very small order. The prices are steep, which is compounded by the ridiculously small portions. "
- Suresh ( [November 6th 2001]
"Horrible service. Between the chefs and servers we waited over an hour between drinks and meal despite an empty restaurant. The sushi is far from refined and is expensive. "
- Gunnar ( [December 4th 2001]
"Atmosphere is very hip - I forgot I was in Ottawa for a while. Sushi is good, but expensive considering the portion sizes. I've had better/cheaper sushi in NYC but I think this is very good for Ottawa. "
- Angela ( [January 10th 2002]
"Trying to be the Empire Grill of the Sushi World, very slow service, small portions, high prices, and poor attitude. "
- M. E. Power (m_power@sympatico) [April 14th 2003]
"My wife and her friends just went to Kinki’s today for her and her friend’s birthday. We heard they were good, but we did not know there service sucked. The food was good, but the problem was with the service. We were a group of eight. It took over 1 hour to get the appetizers then once we got the main dish, we did not all get the meals at the same time. Three of us got the meals 20 minutes later than the rest. On top of that, they forgot to get the appetizers for two other guests. Therefore, when my wife decided to complain to the manager, he called her a liar. Once confronted by another guest about his attitude to my wife, he started yelling at the other guest. They did not care the food was late. For the price you pay, you would expect better service. The bill was over $50/person, for that price I can go to the Château Laurier and get better service for my money. This was very not expected and I would NEVER recommend KINKI on York Street in Ottawa to anyone. "
- Majed ( [Nov 4th 2006]
"Good food that comes with bad service, so I would never go again. "
- Ayah ( [Niv 10th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:55 York, Ottawa, (Byward market)
Review:"Lapointe definitely has the best cheap sushi in town. You can either eat inside or on the street-level patio, or take out. My personnal favorite. "
- Antaine ( [August 4th 2002]



Name:Shogun Ottawa Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar
Address:1671 Carling Av, Ottawa, ON K2A 1C4
Phone:(613) 729-6018
Reviews:"The Teppan is traditional cook-at-the-table type with all the expected entertainment. The food was excellent--standard Japanese type selection. The ambiance is Japanese but looks a little tired. Sushi bar has a reasonable selection of sushi; but, didn’t try it, so I can’t comment. One of the only westerly Japanese restaurants in Ottawa. "
- Peter Ritchie ( [July 5th 2002]
"I love Shogun. I have been going there for almost 8 years and I feel at home everytime. Prices are excellent and service too. "
- Nat [Dec 5th 2005]


Suisha Gardens

Name:Suisha Gardens
Address:208 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Phone:(613) 236-9602
Reviews:"Suisha Gardens is the best restaurant that I've been to in Ottawa. The food, the decor, and the staff are phenomenal. I haven't yet, however, tried Takara. "
- JC Chartrand ( [June 3rd 2001]
"Sashimi was terrible - fish not fresh. Sushi and rolls quite good. I wouldn't go there again. Service is poor. "
- [Sep 1st 2008]


Sushi 88

Name:Sushi 88
Address:690 B Somerset Street, West, Ottawa
Phone:(613) 233-3288
Fax:(613) 236-3016
Opened:Daily lunch and dinner
Reviews:"One of the best sushi spots in Ottawa. Definitely the best price for excellent value. The fish is always perfectly fresh and melts in your mouth. The surroundings are new, bright, and clean. The owner and staff are friendly and get to know their customers. It is the only place I have seen cold-smoked tuna. Highly recommended by Sunny. "
- Sunny Maya ( [Oct 27th 2003]
"Not the Best Japanese restaurant in Ottawa, you can get better Japanese food with the same price in other restaurant in Ottawa, IMO, over priced. Some sushi was still in their partly-frozen-state when served .... Not the best value, will not recommend. "
- Roy Ng ( [Sept 7th 2004]
"The menu was limited, and some of the sashimi I had ordered was still frozen. Very over priced considering selection and quality of fish. "
- [May 10th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Zone

Name:Sushi Zone
Address:Byward Market on William Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Opened:Regular business hours during the week
Reviews:"This place is fantastic! The prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly, and with the atmosphere of the Byward Market, there is always some fun to be had! The food is always fresh and the offerings are beautiful! "
- Melanie ([August 26th 1999]
"The Sushi is already made, which I don't like, as it sacrifices freshness for convenience. The prices are higher than other sushi restaurants around Ottawa and selection is limited. "
- Fred ( [June 26th 2001]
"Expensive unrefined rubbery sushi..I'm surprised it still exists. "
- Antaine ( [August 4th 2002]
" Sushi Zone was a great experience! There was friendly service and great sushi at an affordable price. The sushi is made in front of you and had a wonderful selection. It was perfect compliment to the atmosphere of the Byward Market! My favorite Sushi place in Ottawa! "
- Trent Ricker ( [Dec 3rd 2002]



Address:366 Dalhousie at George, Ottawa
Phone:(613) 241-6582
Fax:(613) 241-3813
Reviews:"This is my favorite restaurant in Ottawa. The sushi is always fresh and delicious. The atmosphere and decor is pleasing and everyone is very friendly."
- Jobe Roberts ( [January 31st 1999]
" I found this restaurant very pleasing. The food was good, service with a smile and a decent menu selection. Compares well with many of the good sushi restaurants I've been to in Vancouver. "
- Fred ( [June 26th 2001]
"On a recent business trip I had the Takara Sushi and Sashimi special plate , and it was some of the best I've had in Canada, including highly rated Vancouver sushi restaurants. "
- Felix Fridman ( [January 8th 2002]
"Takara is one of the best restaurants in the city. Clean fresh food. "
- Jill ( [June2nd 2003]


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