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Nakanoshima CLOSED ! Niagara Falls Sushi Shubuki
Suisha Gardens Taki Yuki Guni

Nakanoshima CLOSED !

Name:Nakanoshima CLOSED !
Address:5685 Falls Ave, Skyline Foxhead Hotel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Fax:(905) 354-6668
Review:"The newly opened restaurant boasts of its clean, neat, high-quality service. You can actually see the amazing Niagara Falls through the window of the restaurant. They also have ice-wine, which is famous for its sweet taste. Try one glass of wine after sushi. The price is about 10 dollars. Itīs located inside Skyline Foxhead Hotel in hear of downtown in the Niagara Falls. The restaurant also offer free parking, so donīt worry about the bustle of looking. "
- Yong Kwong (

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Sushi

Name:Niagara Falls Sushi
Address:Bender Hill (Next to Casino Niagara), Niagara Falls
Review:"Quite new, but not to exciting. However, house speciality rainbow trout is farm raised right in the place and served as sashimi or sushi. It is delightful tasting, but everything else is average or below average for most part."

Niagara Falls


Address:6175 Dunn St., Niagara Falls
Review:"New Japanese sushi bar & pub owned by the old chef at the Taki resturant Danilo Rimando before leaving for Toronto's Endou and is now back in Ontario. A great small atmosphere about 10 sushi bar chairs and 4 tables of 4 sits quietly along the wall. excellent choice of fresh fish and a great lunch menu everyday.. there is also more cooking specials poping up on the menu.. should check it out.."
- [May 1st 2005]

Niagara Falls

Suisha Gardens

Name:Suisha Gardens
Address:5701 Lewis Ave., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Phone:(905) 354-1500
Review:" The Largest Japanese Restaurant in Canada. This place is absolutely huge, and features a nice setting and a nice sushi bar, and offers fresh and a variety of sushi. Although the prices are a little high, the sushi quality is very good. One downfall is the sushi chef Ryo. A very skilled chef, however for a young person, his personality and strong arrogant at times dicipline overshadow his tremendous skill. Suisha Gardens lost famous sushi master chef Niira Shoji, who was the main chef in 1999. Suisha Gardens target the Teppanyaki style more so than the sushi, however if you hit the sushi bar on a good night, you are often rewarded with a nice meal. "
- Bobby Nicol ( [December 11th 2000]

Niagara Falls


Address:5530 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Phone:(905) 357-7274
Reviews:"A fine sushi place in the heart of Niagara Falls, Canada. Very expensive, but well worth it. Futomaki is Taki’s speciality."
" As an American I didn't think it was expensive at all. The sushi was very fresh and wonderful. The sweet egg roll was to die for. The plum wine was milder than others but very good. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone loving sushi. "
- Sara ( [December 3rd 2000]
"I originally posted Taki and its first review, however that was 3 years ago, and a lot has happened since then. First off, the NEW Taki is for the better! Recently, Taki named a new manager in place of their old manager who wasn't keeping the restaurant at a high level. New manager TOMO leads the way, with SUSHI chefs Danny and Hiro Saito, as they offer the FRESHEST fish in the region! This is Toronto type freshness, as fresh fish comes in 3-4 times a week, and the exotic variety has increased tremendously. TAKI offers such delicacies as uni, mirugai, white tuna, grouper, flounder, aoyagi, oysters, clams, and ABALONE! The presentation is magnificant, and the PRICES were slashed from their old manager's prices, the cost is very affordable. So why eat sushi in Toronto and pay Toronto prices, when you have the best freshest sushi right here in Niagara Falls at almost half the price? Taki will also be instituting a raw bar oyster/clam night, to be announced. "
- Bobby Nicol ( [December 11th 2000]
"Taki is truly the gem of the Niagara Region. Any true suishi lover will start feeling this the moment they pass through the front door. The decor is beautiful and the embiance, relaxing. The manager Tomo and his highly skilled assistants are undoubtedly among the best around. Tomo is also an entertainer and when called on, will not hesitate to participate in a friendly, humourous banter with his guests. My favorites are the spicy sake temaki, and any Nigiri-zushi or sashimi (as Taki's freshness is second to none). The servers are friendly and it is also minutes from the casino and the Falls. Parking is free also so don't worry about paying casino prices down the street! Try Taki and you may not want anything else again. "
- Jon Wellington ( [January 19th 2002]

Niagara Falls

Yuki Guni

Name:Yuki Guni
Address:5980 Fallsview Bld., Niagara Falls, Ont. L2G-3V5
Phone:(905) 354-4440
Fax:(905) 354-2562
Reviews:"Used to be a great sushi spot, but has failed to keep up with the times. A lot of good cooked dishes, but the sushi is rarely fresh anymore. "
"My family have been going to this restaurant since it openend in 1988. The sea food is brought to his restaurant on a daily bases. The other items on the menu are just as HIGH QUALITY as his fish is! I think you owe it to your readers that this restaurant should be reviewed again as it has not been updated since 1997! Tourist from JAPAN come to eat at Yukiguni as they know they will get High Quality Food......"
- William James Culbertson (
"The embience is rather outdated, but the sushi is still the best, very fresh. The fish comes here on a regular basis from Toronto and the price in general is competitive compared to other japanese restaurants in the city. Most of all, its high-quality service makes customers to come back."
- Yong Kwon (
"I originally wrote the initial short review on Yuki Guni in 1997, however in the past 2 years it has really come around! My father and I talked both owners into upgrading their sushi quality, and variety, and are responsible for some of the exotic items they now offer. Their main supplier is a good friend of mine, and he delivers fresh fish from Toronto very frequently. They are without a doubt the #1 sushi place in Ontario, outside of Toronto. Many people come from Grand Island, Syracuse, and Rochester, NY to eat sushi here. Japanese tourists on tours have lunches and dinners catered to their hotel from Yuki Guni, and head sushi chef Mr. Shoji is a master at what he does. Stay tuned, as Yuki Guni plans to bring in Awabi (Abalone) for the fall season on occasion. "
- Bobby Nicol ( [September 26th 2000]
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Niagara Falls

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