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Ah-so Gardens CLOSED ! Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant Shiki
Tanakaya Japanese Restaurant

Ah-so Gardens CLOSED !

Name:Ah-so Gardens CLOSED !
Address:201 Wharncliffe Rd. S, London, Ontario
Phone:(519) 432-3331
Reviews:"Very good sushi restaurant."
- The Vette Shoppe ( [February 15th 1999]
"Owned by a Korean business man and the taste is not too pleasing..."
- [January 16th 2002]


Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Name:Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Address:900 Oxford Street East, London, Ontario
Phone:(519) 659-1599
Review:"Very good food and at reasonable prices. I have never been disappointed by this restaurant, and I have been going since it opened a couple years ago. "
- Erick ( [Mar 5th 2006]



Address:715 Wellington Rd. S, London, Ontario
Phone:(519) 668 - 7407
Reviews:"The BEST sushi available in London Ontario. "
- Ken ( [February 13th 2003]
"By far, the best quality and flavour in London or southwestern Ontario. It is very small and almost hidden, but very well known in the region for its quality. "
- [June 2nd 2003]
"Shiki's wonderful staff,comfortable atmosphere, and best japanese food available in London, all accumulate to a wonderful dining experience "
- lisa ( [Nov 4th 2005]


Tanakaya Japanese Restaurant

Name:Tanakaya Japanese Restaurant
Address:130 King St., B-3, Covent Garden Market, London, Ontario
Phone:(519) 850-8838
Fax:(519) 850-8338
Reviews:"Excellent Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Teriyaki, Noodles and more... Fresh Sushi Bar, Beautiful Courtyard Patio, Japanese Groceries. "
- Alan Cheung ( [April 7th 2003]
"Has the best Spicy Tuna Roll in all of London, or Toronto for that matter. Preferred to Shiki (though Shiki is a close second). "
- Scott C. [Nov 12th 2004]


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