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Aijo Sushi (former: Hoya Korean & Japanese Cuisine) Dado Sushi CLOSED ! Hana CLOSED !
Mori Mori (2) CLOSED ! Mori Mori CLOSED ! Osaka CLOSED !
Sapporo (former Akita)

Aijo Sushi (former: Hoya Korean & Japanese Cuisine)

Name:Aijo Sushi (former: Hoya Korean & Japanese Cuisine)
Address:161 King Street, East Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Phone:(905) 526-8888
Opened:Daily: 11.30 am - 11pm, closed Mondays
Reviews:"Good food, but fairly expensive. For value, Akita is your best bet. If you're willing to spend a bit more, go to Hoya. "
- [September 20th 2002]
"The freshest sushi in the area I've found so far, with average prices and moderate portions. Overall best bet due to freshness alone! "
- [Sep 1st 2003]
"I love this restaurant. The food is fresh, the service is great, the prices are a little high but worth it, although it doesn't look the fanciest inside it's still great. "
- [Jan 4th 2004]
"A little more expensive than most in the area but worth it! The staff is friendly and knowledgable. Their are several booths that make this ideal for a date. "
- James.N ( [April 27th 2004]
"I have been eating at this place for a few years now. The prices are reflective of the quality of sushi you will get, and the size of the sushi (fish) is bigger than most places."
- [May 1st 2005]
"As of June 2010, now Aijo Sushi. "
- Flaneur [June 24th 2010]


Dado Sushi CLOSED !

Name:Dado Sushi
Address:66 Mall Road Unit #4,Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Phone:(905) 318-3399
Fax:(905) 574-1607
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11 am - midnight, Sun: 4pm - midnight
Reviews:"Run by Koreans, so patrons must make their own minds about the foods taste."
- Jim Culbertson ( [July 26th 2000]
"So what if the staff is Korean! The service is fast and friendly and the food is very well presented and fresh the waitress was also helpful in explaining what was what to my sushi novice guest. "
- James.N ( [April 27th 2004]



Name:Hana CLOSED !
Address:55 Wentworth Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Phone:(905) 527-3077
Reviews:"Good eating !"
- Holly Matthews ([February 27th 1998]
"No longer in business as at March 2,1999."
- Barry Quinn ( [March 8th 1999]


Mori Mori (2) CLOSED !

Name:Mori Mori (2) CLOSED !
Address:1 King street (Jackson square), Hamilton
Review:"Very good for a shpping mall restaurant. Service is quick and the selection is good. a little hard to find (second floor above main entance to market in the mall). "
- James.N ( [April 27th 2004]


Mori Mori CLOSED !

Name:Japanese Grill Mori Mori
Address:771 Queenstown Road, Hamilton, Ontario
Phone:(905) 578-2304
Opened:Daily: 11.30 am - 10pm
Reviews:"Sushi and Sashimi, lots of combos: sushi combos from $ 5.95 - $ 17.95, sashimi combs from $ 8.75 (9 pieces) - $ 28.50 (30 pieces). Also stir fried noodles and teriyaki."
- Arlene & Jim Culbertson ( [October 27th 2002]
"Mediocre Sushi. I ordered the largest Sushi plate they had and it consisted of about 8 pieces of tamago (egg) and not much else. The NEW Mori Mori in Jackson square mall is a much better choice. "
- James.N ( [April 27th 2004]


Osaka CLOSED !

Name:Osaka CLOSED !
Address:581 Barton Street, East Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Phone:(905) 540-9696
Opened:Daily: 11am - 2pm, 4pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Good value for money, friendly and tasty."
- Holly Matthews [July 3rd 2000]
"The Sushi is good, portions are moderate, their hours of operation are always changing so you should call ahead. "
- James.N ( [April 27th 2004]


Sapporo (former Akita)

Name:Akita Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Address:96 Main Street East,Unit #6,Hamilton,Ontario, L8N-1G3
Phone:( 905 ) 527-1668
Reviews:"This is HAMILTON'S ONLY Japanese BUFFET Restaurant Beside the Buffet they do have a la carte items as well as a fixed menu .The cost of the BUFFET is $8.99(Lunch) & $16.99 for Dinner...! They also do take-out & delivery. they also have a private Tatami Room which accommodates up to 14 persons. "
- Jim Culbertson ( [November 2nd 2001]
"Very good Sushi for a buffet style restaurant. The 11:30am-3pm lunch is a great deal. If you like sashimi the dinner 4:30-9 is for you. "
- James.N ( [April 27th 2004]
"They have a happy Hour Dinner buffet now, from 4:30pm-5:30pm everyday,Only $9.99, bill must be paid before 5:30pm, the regular price is $14.99, weekend price $16.99,during happy hour time only $9.99 every day , is very good deal ... "
- patricia .w ( [Aug 15th 2005]
"New owners and new name."
- [Feb 25th 2008]
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