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Coquitlam, Canada/Kanada.

Fuji Sushi Osamu Sushi Sui Sha Ya

Fuji Sushi

Name:Fuji Sushi
Address:526-B Clarke Road, Burquitlam Plaza, Coquitlam, BC, V3J 3X5
Phone:(604) 936-0304
Reviews:"Coquitlam is the last city where I would have expected to find a good authetic Japanese restaurant. But in my 7 years in the Vancouver area, I had the best fresh seafood at Fuji Sushi! The fish is extremely fresh, the sushi rice is good and, most unbelieveably, it is very cheap. I think the uni gunkan (one of the best I have ever had in Canada) was only 2 dollars. "
- Tony [August 13th 2003]
"This is my favourite sushi restaurant! "
- [August 25th 2004]


Osamu Sushi

Name:Osamu Sushi
Address:2764 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam
Phone:(604) 941-9222
Reviews:"Osamu Sushi is my favourite sushi restaurant - the fish is always fresh and of the highest quality, and the staff are very friendly. "
- Elouise ( [August 26th 1999]
"Reopened with new jazzy interior. It is now a bar type western setting instead of a Japanese setting so bench seats instead of traditional japanese rooms. "
- Godwin [Nov 27th 2005]
"This used to be hands down my absolute favourite sushi restaurant in the Vancouver and surrounding area. It no longer is. I was there the other day (early dec 2005) and was saddened to see that the interior now looks like a milestones restaurant with high tables, the nice polite japanese servers have been replaced with scantily clad white girls in their early twenties and the food has changed too... its served and displayed differently, the quality has declined and service has gone out the window in comparison to it's former self. "
- Ryan ( [Dec 20th 2005]


Sui Sha Ya

Name:Sui Sha Ya Japanese Restaurant
Address:120 - 2991 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
Phone:(604) 942-7036
Reviews:"Great selection on all you can eat lunches for $12.95 and dinner for $18.95. The host, Jeff is most helpful. Smoking section available. We highly recommend this restaurant. It´s the best we have so far."
- Rina & Dave ( [March 22nd 1998]
"Great all-you-can-eat! Lunch price is $9.95 weekdays and $10.95 weekends. Dinner is still the same price. "
- Elouise ( [August 26th 1999]


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