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Currently listed: 7 Restaurants in
Calgary, Canada/Kanada.

Hana Sushi Kyoto 17 Sakana Grill
Sakana Village Sushi Boat Sushi Yoko
Wa's Japanese Restaurant

Hana Sushi

Name:Hana Sushi
Address:1803 4th St. SW, Calgary
Reviews:"Fresh and tasty sushi served by the cutest Japanese family. "
- [Jan 5th 2004]
"My favorite place in Calgary. Very friendly, generous with the fish and fresh."
- [Sept 5th 2005]


Kyoto 17

Name:Kyoto 17
Address:Bsmt. 908, 17 Ave. SW, Calgary, Canada
Phone:(403) 245-3188
Fax:(403) 228-5106
Review:"Decorated in subdued tones with soft lighting for a relaxing business lunch or supper. The menu is varied and always tasty. The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable. I recommend it."
- Gail Allen ( [July 11th 1997]


Sakana Grill

Name:Sakana Grill
Address:116 2 Avenue Southwest, Calgary
Phone:(403) 290-1118
Review:"Great place, small but cozy. Great happy hour prices: $30 for a love boat. "
- Jackie Ho ( [July 18th 2005]


Sakana Village

Name:Sakana Village
Address:1725 Centre Street North, Calgary, Canada
Phone:(403) 277-5533
Review:"Great Japanese Restaurant! The prices are the cheapest in the city and the servings are huge."
- Gigi Manaloto ( [August 26th 1999]


Sushi Boat

Name:Sushi Boat
Address:806 Crowfoot Crescent N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone:(403) 239-1818
Fax:(403) 239-1087
Opened:Mon-Sun 11:30am-1:30pm 5pm-9:30pm
- Toyo Sato [July 3rd 2000]
"Good for fast suburban sushi, but the quality and freshness is just not there. Good floating bar atmosphere, but better sushi can be found at the grocery store."
- [Sep 5th 2005]


Sushi Yoko

Name:Sushi Yoko
Address:#272, 1623 Center Street N.W. , Calgary, Canada
Phone:(403) 230-1516
Review:"Good price and good quality. Good for both lunch and dinner."
- Edward Man ( [March 22nd 1998]


Wa's Japanese Restaurant

Name:Wa's Japanese Restaurant
Address:1721 Centre Street NW, Calgary, Alberta
Phone:(403) 277-2077
Fax:(403) 277-2109
Opened:11.30 am- 2 pm,5pm - 11 pm
Reviews:"The best California Rolls I've had. Ever. They are amazingly addictive! "
- Laureen Feener ( [Jan 5th 2004]
"I've had the best in New York (Nobu, Takahashi), many fine restaurants in Japan, Fukyo in LA. NONE of them are as good as Wa's! Fresh, traditionally served, reasonable prices, super friendly staff. Simply the best. "
- [Jan 29th 2008]


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