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Kamei Sushi Kokyo Kura
Sushi Garden Sushi House Yakko Sushi

Kamei Sushi

Name:Kamei Sushi
Address:4361 Kingsway, Burnaby
Phone:(604) 437-6688
Fax:(604) 437-6633
Reviews:"I used to go to this restaurant many times, but now all the good chefs are all gone. Even the beautiful hostesses are all gone now. My biggest question is what happened to this place????? Im sorry to say but its a sad sight to see now. Where are the good employees????? I hope to see a change there soon. Oh by the way can you renovate the dining room, it is falling apart. "
- George Chow aka Mister Food Critic [February12th 2003]
"They have new managment again since Jan 2004. It was much better before. The tuna is watery, but can sometimes be nice and silky. A crap shoot really. If you are going for other Japanese food other than sushi or sashimi it is decent. "
- Michael [May 20th 2004]



Name:Kokyo Japanese Restaurant
Address:9928 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC Canada
Phone:(604) 420 6522
Review:"This small restaurant has the best Gyoza I have ever experienced and the sushi is always fresh. Nice lunch and dinner boxes with extremely helpful and friendly staff. A delightful find tucked into a little mall on the Lougheed Highway."
- Kathryn Romanow



Address:#2-4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, V5H 1Z8, Canada
Phone:(604) 451-3331
Reviews:"Good quality sushi at a reasonable price. Very busy during lunch time (near Metrotown). Reservation is preferred during dinner on weekend. Friendly staff."
- F. Kan
"Visited the restaurant for the first time on Wednesday May 4th, 2005 around 8pm. Slow day for the restaurant. Only about 5 tables at the time, but...... NOT FRESH! TERRIBLE FOOD! OVER PRICED! Waited over 20 minutes for katsu don after everything else had arrived on the table. Interesting enough, Nabeyaki udon (which normally takes the longest in most restaurnts) arrives first just after our toro sashimi was served, and here're the rest of my meal..... Old toro sashimi, tiny prawn (pre-fried) in the tempura, cold veg on katsu don, old/pre-fried ton katsu, and most importantly, charged $8.95 for tiny piece of BBQ black cod (around 1~2 oz. cooked) WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! Maybe the kitchen team had a 'rough' day but no one ask how our meal were so, we will never return to the restaurant again and recommend everyone not to go to Kura! "
- Frank L. ( [May 5th 2005]
"Yes, the service sucks, very slow.... "
- Masumoto [Dec 5th 2005]


Sushi Garden

Name:Sushi Garden
Address:4635 Kingsway, (across from Metrotown),Burnaby, BC
Reviews:"This is Burnaby's best sushi restaurant. It's a small hole-in-the-wall place, but it's clean and always busy. The sushi is not innovative, but it is always fresh, the portions are large, and it tastes great. The clientele has grown by word of mouth, and I know people who come from all over the city (and neighbouring ones) just to eat there. We have quite a few sushi places within walking distance of our house, but Sushi Garden has spoiled us--we rarely get sushi anywhere else. "
- Derek K. Miller ( [March 5th 2005]
"We had dinner here on a Friday afternoon. After reading other reviews we decided to go early to avoid the rush. That paid off, as the place was less that 25% occupied when we arrived at 4:30 p.m. For C$42, we had a really good meal and walked out of there stuffed. I think sashimi is the better bet as the portions are indeed large and the quality of the fish is very good. Not great but certainly very good. I had the tuna and salmon sashimi. The tuna was a bit bland and almost too cold. The salmon was really, really good, and the proper temperature. I also sampled the unagi, ikura, and hamachi nigiri sushi. The unagi was the best of the bunch. The ikura (with quail egg) came in second and the hamachi was disappointingly tasteless. However, here again, the pieces of fish were large to the point of being almost too big. Another observation was that the rice seemed a bit old - it was somewhat hard. Wife had toro sushi and raved over it. The place does a brisk takeout business as evidenced by the fact there were six sushi chefs at the bar, fully engaged in preparing food while we sat there in a practically empty restaurant. We would go back there simply because this restaurant offers a lot of bang for the buck. The sushi and sashimi here, I would categorize as very good. Not great, but very good. I do not believe they have a liquor license, though. "
- David E. ( [March 5th 2007]


Sushi House

Name:Sushi House
Address: 7060 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
Phone:(604) 521-3131
Fax:(604) 521-3159
Opened:Mon: closed, Tue - Sat: 11.30am - 9pm, Sun & Holidays: 5pm-9pm
Review:"Mainly take-out, but their sushi is one of the best in the Vancouver area! "
- Barazushi [August 15th 2003]


Yakko Sushi

Name:Yakko Sushi
Address:6200 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5H 4L7
Phone:(604) 430-6405
Review:"Yakko Sushi is by far my favourite sushi restaurant in and around Vancouver. The service is great, the food is awesome... one strange thing though... I think its run by mostly Koreans... In any event Yakko is even better than the old Osamu in Coquitlam, I would recommend it to anyone wanting proper sushi. "
- Ryan Vandermoor ( [July 25th 2007]


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