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Benihana Japanese Restaurant Hashi Kaizen Japanese Restaurant
Kei Maki Maki Avenues (3)
Maki DT (Burj Jassem) Maki Marina Waves (2) Meli Melo
Sakura Sushi Club J

Benihana Japanese Restaurant

Name:Benihana Japanese Restaurant
Address:GL-89, Ground Floor ,Phase-2, Kuwait
Opened:Daily: 12 am - 12 pm
Review:"The Best Teppaanyaki and Sushi Restaurant in Kuwait. "
- Sameer ( [Apr 9th 2012]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Kuwait City, Salhiya Plaza
Opened:daily, 12-12
Review:"Good restaurant with some weird dishes. "
- Mohammad Bouland ( [May 16th 2008]


Kaizen Japanese Restaurant

Name:Kaizen Japanese Restaurant
Address:Baghdad St., Maidan Hawally, Kuwait
Reviews:"The worst restaurant I've ever experienced. The sushi is not good (no taste at all, too much rice, price is not worth on the sushi quality). The service is very poor,one lady server has no respect to the customer and she doesn't know her job. This restaurant is not recommendable. "
- John Smith ( [Feb 24th 2007]
"The best sushi in town, excellent choice of salads, verity of rolls, tasty TeppanYaki, good value, great music and the interior is very modern. "
- Nizar ( [May 22nd 2007]
"Great food, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, all is great, cozy, modern interior, nice music, and a lot of parking space. "
- [July 27th 2007]



Address:Safir International Hotel, P.O.Box 5996, Kuwait
Opened:12.30pm - 3pm, 7.30pm - 11pm
Review:"Authentic Japanese cuisine in the Gulf. Serving finest sushi and other Japanese delicacies. Kei restaurant also located in Hilton Hotels in Manama, Bahrein and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E."
- Mutoh ( [October 12th 1997]



Address:Salmia (near Plajat Street), Kuwait/Kuweit
Phone:(+ 965) 573-3561
Fax:(+ 965) 573-3560
Opened:Noon - 11.30 pm
Reviews:"Best Sushi. "
- Sawsan ( [February 11th 2003]
"Finest Japanese Restaurant in the Middle East. Another branch is in Beirut- Lebanon. A fusion concept based on original blend of refined and creative Japanese gastronomy in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere... At 'Maki' you will find the widest range of creative and highest quality sushi, sashimi and makis in town. Famous of it's FRESH Tuna (both Yellow fin & Blue Fin) In addition to the traditional Japanese cuisine like: Udon (Japanese Noodles), Yosinabi, Sukiyaki, Tempura, Teppanyaki and Teriyaki. Maki restaurant offers, as well, a wide range of exquisite and innovative plates including: Prawn Filo Tempura, Creamy lobster, Black Cod Fish, Ostrich Teppanyaki, US Black Angus Beef, and the famous Japanese Kobe Beef. Reservation is HIGHLY recommended..Maki is almost every day fully booked.. "
- Fadwa ( [May 11th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Maki Avenues (3)

Name:Maki Avenues (3)
Address:The Avenues Mall Al Rai, First Floor,Kuwait
Phone:(+965) 2597-120,1,2 & MAKI-846 (6254-846)
Fax:(+965) 573-3560
Opened:1 pm - 11.30pm
Reviews:"The 3rd MAKI restaurant in Kuwait. New creative dishes will be added on regular basis. The food is as great as other Maki's, the BEST in the middle east! Try the NEW Maki Avenues Salad, and lot's of others!!! "
- Yara ( [June 21st 2007]
"We had to wait a long time for outdoor seating at this restaurant, but at least they accommodated us. This has been a family favorite for a long time (we love their salads, spider, yara, volcano, eissa rolls) but I discovered some new things at the Avenues location on my last visit. If you have not tried the nano maki you MUST. It is a very interesting fusion of European and Japanese cuisine--it combines sea salt, olive oil, salmon and baby spinach in a SUSHI roll! Just wonderful. An old favorite is the J-Lo sashimi, just make sure to ask for lots of sauce. The negamayaki and the shrimps in plum sauce are also good here if you are looking for something heavier. "
- Liane ( [Sep 2nd 2009]
Link:Restaurant Website


Maki DT (Burj Jassem)

Name:Maki DT (Burj Jassem)
Address:Downtown Burj Jassem, Al Murqab, Al Soor St, Kuwait City
Phone:(+965) 2 2901010, (+965) 2 2901000
Opened:Noon - 11.30pm
Review:"Maki the fourth, dubbed Downtown Maki, has opened in November 1st 2008. It is stunning, both in atmosphere and in design. Taking place in a little mall called Burj Jassem. It's perfect for occaisons ranging from birthday parties to business meetings, fun to formal, presentations and pitches. With the sonorous lounge music softly echoing in the background, the clattering of chopsticks and chattering of people audible, the mood set is a distinct one. Most importantly, the food is the same; so you cannot and should not miss coming down to downtown Maki... Try Tara II it's amazing :) Reservation is highly recommended. "
- Tara ( [june 25th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website


Maki Marina Waves (2)

Name:Maki Marina Waves (2)
Address:Marina Waves (further to Salwa Al Sabah Hall)
Phone:(+965) 2244560 & MAKI-600 (6254-600)
Fax:(+965) 5733560
Review:"The 3rd MAKI restaurant (2nd in Kuwait). In a very prime area, Maki Marina waves offers an outstanding view. Anywhere you are seated you will see both sea & city, this makes Maki Marina Waves the only restaurant in Kuwait with such an outstanding view. New creative dishes will be added on regular basis. The food is as great as other Maki's, the BEST in the middle east! Try the NEW Maki Marina Salad, it's amazing!!! "
- Yara Zeitoun ( [June 15th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Meli Melo

Name:Meli Melo
Address:al shaab al Bahri kandi street, Kuwait
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Kuwait Crowne Plaza Hotel, Farwaniya 81006,
Phone:(965) 473-2100 Ext. 7444
Fax:(965) 473-2020
Opened:Daily: Noon - Midnight
Reviews:"Best Sushi. "
- Sawsan ( [February 11th 2003]
"Excellent Sushi, Great Teppanyaki...Unique Tatami Private rooms...Personal grill tables YAKI_NIKU....unmatched service.. HAPPY HOURS 12-1PM & 6-8PM ON SUSHI ONLY (TWO4ONE) FRIDAY- ALL U CAN EAT SUSHI BUFFET LUNCH 12-3.30PM WITH A FREE MISO SOUP "
- Sisira ( [Nov 23rd 2003]
"The best japanese restaurant in Kuwait. Superb! "
- czarina ( [Sep 19th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Club J

Name:Sushi Club J
Address:Salmia-Plajat Street, Kuwait
Opened:12.30 pm
Review:"Best Japanese Restaurant in Kuwait. Feel the difference. "
- mohamd qabazard ( [Aug 16th 2006]


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