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Willemstad, Curacao.

Avalon Curacao Craving Sushi Samourai

Avalon Curacao

Name:Avalon Curacao
Address:Caracasbaaiweg 8, Willemstad
Phone:(599) 9-465-6375
Fax:(599) 9-465-6376
Opened:Noon - 3pm, 4pm - 11pm, Fri, Sat until Midnight
Review:"This is one of the best Sushi I ever had!!!! Iíve eaten sushi all over the world and this one is definitely in my top 3. They serve very fresh 'classical' sushi. Itís a little difficult to find since itís hard to see from the road. Price / quality is superb!!!. Nice mid-range pricing. Keep in mind itís a trendy (classy) restaurant with professional waiters. They were very friendly and helpful but it might be a good idea not to wear your beach shorts and to wash all the sand from your ears before you walk in. (I didn't ;-) ) "
- Wout ( [Dec 13th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Craving Sushi

Name:Craving Sushi
Address:Promenade Shopping Center, (on the east side of the ring), Willemstad
Phone:(599) 9-736-6711
Review:"They claim to be the only Sushi Ďbarí on Curacao. You should take it literal because they are the only sushi-BAR. We found 3 more sushi Ďrestaurantsí in Willemstad. The sushi is ok. The chef has his own special creations which were really nice to try and even refreshing. American influence was definitely noticeable here (I am NOT saying that that is a bad thing!!). At first it seemed a little expensive but when you get your orders you will notice he is not giving you the Ďstandardí rolls size. The rolls are a bit larger (read: longer) than I was used to. (American influence once again? ;-) ) "
- Wout ( [Dec 13th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website



Review:"Found this one on one of those 'what to do in Curacao' cards that you find around all the tourist attractions. I donít know why I even bother to put this one up here. This sushi was just plain awful, tasteless and lack the proper ingredients. The crab was some kind of mayo-egg-crab pasty. The rice was cooked wrong (very wet and heavy on the stomach). The owner (at least I think he was) was telling that the business is going bad and he didnít know why. I didnít dare to tell him the truth. Avalon is not even a 5min walk away, much better and the pricing the same. Guess I know where Iím going next time! from: "
- Wout ( [Dec 13th 2005]


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