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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Sushi Lounge Ukyio Sushi

Sushi Lounge

Name:Sushi Lounge
Address:Santa Teresa
Phone:(506) 640-0317
Fax:(506) 640-0272
Opened:11am - 11pm
Review:"Amazing Sushi in a remote part of Costa Rica. The fish is very fresh from the local fishermen. The sushi chef is from Seattle, WA, USA and has amazing presentation skills. This is a great place for great food. Very unexpected. Plus is 150meters from one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. "
- Peter Petras ( [June 2nd 2003]

Santa Teresa

Ukyio Sushi

Name:Ukyio Sushi
Address:200 Meters North of La Lora De Amarillo, Santa Teresa
Phone:(506) 2 640 0690
Opened:Wed - Mon: 6pm -10 pm
Review:"Great Sushi- Fresh tropical fish, home made ice cream. Fresh fruit sakeini. "
- Katie Scanlon ( [July 28th 2008]

Santa Teresa

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