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Funki Sushi CLOSED !

Funki Sushi CLOSED !

Name:Funki Sushi CLOSED !
Address:6 Queen Street, Lymington, Hampshire
Phone:(01590) 679-919
Fax:(01590) 679-919
Opened:Mon-Thur: Noon-2pm, 6pm-11pm, Fri,Sat: Noon-3pm,5pm-11pm
Review:"They claim to take sushi and turn it upside down. And they do. These guys are good -- they will custom make all sorts of interesting sushi for you and your guests. You want steak sushi? You can have it. They serve a lot more than the basic sushi and sushimi often found in Western restaurants -- go beyond California roll here! There's more to the menu than sushi -- it's a full night out for good authentic Japanese cooking in the South of England. As someone who dated a sushi chef for two years back in the '80s, I definitely feel I can give this restaurant a rave review! "
- Ellen Rawson ( [Jan 27th 2004]
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