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Address:74 Richmond Road, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT2 5L
Phone:(0208) 546-6691
Fax:(0208) 547-0977
Reviews:"I live in Kingston, near London, UK, and have been delighting in japanese food since around 1980. Initially I needed to go into central London, but there is now an excellent - but little known - japanese restaurant in Kingston, which I would like to nominate..."
- Ian Loveday ( [April 8th 2001]
"Ever since we discovered Minami in Kingston, Surrey we longer make the trek up to London for sushi/sashimi. The chef is wonderful and has better sashimi than anything we have had in the UK so far..I love the scallop sashimi. Minami even tops some of the Tokyo sushi bars "
- Margaret Mangan ( [Jan 2nd 2004]
"Went in Feb 2007 and it has changed name. I have spent a lot of time in Japan and found good sushi hard to find in the UK. After reading the revies was looking forward to this, but don't bother. It was dreadful. We had Tempura that was greasier than a bad chippy and the Beef Teryaki was like shoe leather. Tempura Udon dreadful too. And worst of all? We sat there ignored for 15 mins. One thing you do expect in a Japanese restaurant is good service. Not here."
- [Feb 28th 2007]


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