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Shogun Teppanyaki

Shogun Teppanyaki

Name:Shogun Teppanyaki
Address:Brindley Place, Birmingham, Great Britain
Phone:(0121) 643-1856
Reviews:"Top ranking Japanese cooking. The food is succulent but itīs a bit tough on the wallet."
" The service at this restaurant leaves a great deal to be desired. The staff are surly, the food comes in fits and starts - the asparagus and the monkfish in our 'Monkfish with asparagus tips' dish arrived close to 10 minutes apart. Having spilt a glass of Asahi over two of our group the staff gave no apologies, not even an offer to replace the drink!! Having become used to excellent Japanese sushi and cooking while we lives in New York, coupled with excellent service and courtesy - we will certainly not be returning to Shogun Teppanyaki. If on the otherhand you want an experience more akin to a very badly run Chinese retaurant we would suggest Shogun Teppanyaki as a comparable experience. "
- Geraint Edwards ( [December 11th 2000]
" I was apprehensive about visiting this restaurant when I read the review by Geraint Edwards. I am happy to say that my experience was nothing remotely like his - perhaps someone drew attention to the adverse review... I did not consider prices to be out of line with other local restaurants. There was a good range of food that was served promptly. We found the staff (on a wet Friday lunchtime in February 2002) to be courteous, helpful and informative about botht he menu and Japanese dining customs. I shall be returning again regularly. "
- Julian Killingley ( [March 15th 2002]


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