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BIMI Restaurant Blue Note Chop Chop (2)
Chop Chop CLOSED ! Chop Chop Homedelivery Fujiya of Japan
Gasuba CLOSED ! Ginger Isakaya
Ishi Restaurant Bar Makoto Sushi Okara
Pic Nic Sala of Tokyo Sushi Lunch Boxes
Takano Tampopo CLOSED ! Yooji's Sushi

BIMI Restaurant

Name:BIMI Restaurant
Address:Seefeldstrasse 25, Zürich/Zurich/Zuerich
Phone:+41-43-243 77 77
Opened:Tue-Fri 1130-1430; Mon-Sat 1830-2330
Review:"BIMI is a very nice family run restaurant in Zurich. You can reach it by streetcar 2 or 4 or take the s-train to Bahnhof Stadelhofen and walk 5 minutes from there. The lunch menues are at reasonable prices. Sushi lunch plate incl. miso and pickles is arount CHF 45.- I like the place and it's meals - friendly service! Reservation is recomended! "
- Leo Chin ( [July 20th 2010)
Link:Restaurant Website


Blue Note

Name:Blue Note
Address:Stockerstr. 45, Zürich/Zurich
Phone:(+41/1) 202-1717
Fax:(+41/1) 2020-1717
Opened:11.45 am - 12.30am
Review:"Excellent sushi in a very relaxed atmosphere. Great staff and an interesting clientel."
- Daniel Hess ( [August 19th 1998]


Chop Chop (2)

Name:Chop Chop
Address:Niederndorferstr. 19, 8001 Zürich/Zurich
Phone:(01) 252-6222
Fax:(01) 251-4856
Opened:Sun-Thu: 11am - 2am, Fri,Sat: 11am - 4am
Review:"Asian restauranr with take-out."
- George Twerenbold ( [June 14th 1999]


Chop Chop CLOSED !

Name:Chop Chop CLOSED !
Address:Langstrasse 197, 8005 Zürich/Zurich
Phone:(01) 272-5454
Fax:(01) 271-5803
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11am-2am, Fri-Sat: 11am-4am, Sun: 2pm-midnight
Review:"Asian food restaurant with excellent sushi. They have also a restaurant in 8001 Zurich, Niederdorferstr. and an asian homedelivery service."
- George Twerenbold ( [August 24th 1997]


Chop Chop Homedelivery

Name:Chop Chop Homedelivery
Address:8048 Zürich/Zurich
Phone:(0848) 848-586
Fax:(01) 432- 3035
Opened:Mon-Sun: 11pm - 2am
Review:"Asian food delivery in Zurich. Japanese but also Thai, Indian, Chinese and Malaysian food."
- Geore Twerenbold ( [June 14th 1999]


Fujiya of Japan

Name:Fujiya of Japan
Address:Tessinerplatz 5, 8002 Zurich
Phone:(01) 208-1555
Review:"Not bad. A mix of real Japanese and Swiss running the restaurant. They appear to specialise more in Teppanyaki than Sushi. A small restaurant. The salmon sashimi I had was not off but was not 100% fresh anymore - but I was polite and they changed it without arguement. The Maguro was good and tasty and the overall impression was OK. Portions are reasonable but not large. I give it a B+. Their website points to Hotel Ascot, but there is no reference to Sushi that jumps out from there. "
- Larry Levy [October 22nd 2002]


Gasuba CLOSED !

Name:Gasuba (Galerie & Sushi & Bar )
Address:Stampfenbachplatz 4, 8006 Zürich/Zurich/Zuerich
Phone:(043) 233-8330
Opened:Mo-Fr: 10.30am - 00.30am, Sa: 4pm-0.30am
Review:"We are a sushi restaurant & gallery with some music & dance Show. "
- Aghaei - Bobby ( [March 5th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Seefeldstrasse 62, 8008 Zürich
Phone:(01) 422-9509
Reviews:"Trendy & very expensive kaiten sushi bar. Excellent quality of food, maybe the best sushi in town. Possible & recommendable to reserve a seat."
- [December 29th 2000]
"Great choice of very high quality sushi. Watch the sushi cooks do nice 'sushi art' right in front of yourself. I suggest to try this place! Don't forget: Quality and entertainment has its price... "
- Leo Chin ( [Oct 16th 2006]



Address:Waisenhausstrasse 5,(vis-a-vis Cinema ABC), 8001 Zürich
Phone:(043) 344-8929
Opened:Mon-Sat: 9am-11pm, 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 22pm
Reviews:"Isakaya - The new Sushi Bar in Zurich! "
"Not very pleasant. They do not accept baby cars, what about wheelchair??? So as I am a young mother, I am not allowed to eat sushi..."
- [May 14th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Ishi Restaurant Bar

Name:Ishi Restaurant Bar
Address:Badenerstrasse 97, 8004 Zürich/Zurich/Zuerich
Phone:(043) 2143-3000
Fax:(043) 2143-3023
Opened:11.30am - 2pm5pm - midnight, closed sundays
Review:"Sushi and more... "
- H.P. Staudacher ( [March 21st 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Makoto Sushi

Name:Makoto Sushi
Address:Soodring 34, Zürich/Zurich/Zuerich
Phone:(043) 377 92 88
Opened:Mo -Fr: 11.30 - 13.30, 17.30 - 22-00
Review:" "
- Tobias ( [July 20th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Brandschenkestrasse 5, (UBS Building), 8002 Zürich/Zurich/Zuerich
Phone:(043) 817-6430
Fax:(043) 817-6431
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11.30am - 14.30pm,6pm - 10.30pm, Sat:6pm-10:30pm
Reviews:"Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Popular are the Bento Box and the Tokyo Style Sushi. High quality and rare japanese Sake. Weekly changing lunch menus. Reasonable prices. "
- ( [Nov 17th 2005]
"Sushi, Bento, Premium Sake and a lot more! "
- [Dec 5th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Pic Nic

Name:Pic Nic
Address:Corner of Bahnhofstr. and Kutter-Gasse, Zürich/Zurich
Review:"For those who happen to be in Zurich and have an immediate urge for sushi, all it takes is to go to the corner of (the famous) Bahnhofstrasse and Kutter-Gasse. There is a fast food restaurant owned by Moevenpick and named ´Pic Nic´"
- Fernando Gelbard ( [June 8th 1998]


Sala of Tokyo

Name:Sala of Tokyo
Address:Limmatstr. 29, 8005 Zürich/Zurich
Phone:(01) 271-5290
Fax: (01) 271-7807
Opened:Tue-Sat: 11.45 am - 1.30 pm, 6pm - 9.30pm
Reviews:"Zurich´s oldest Sushi-Bar. Opened 1983 and still the best in town. Sala of Tokyo also offers Kaiseki-Ryori and other traditional meals."
- Ernst Ruch-Fukuoka ( [July 12th 1998]
"Really a great place to enjoy excellent food. Prices are top as well but it´s worth it. Check homepage for home delivery."
- Leo Chin ( [June 28th 2000]
Link:Restaurant homepage


Sushi Lunch Boxes

Name:Sushi Lunch Boxes
Address:Region Flughafen Zürich
Phone:043 810 44 11
Fax:043 810 44 35
Opened:11.30 - 14.00 , 17.30 - 21.00
Review:"Sushi Kurier um die Region Flughafen Zürich! "
- Pascal Weiss ( [June 1st 2010]



Address:Uetlibergstr. 166, Zürich/Zurich
Phone:(01) 463-2228
Fax:(01) 461-7554
Reviews:"Very good sushi place a bit out of the city but nice. Good service."
- Leo Chin ( [June 28th 2000]
"While Takano serves food that is still miles away from authentic Japanese food, it is still one of the best (and most expensive) in Zurich, a city where it is generally extremely difficult to find any real Japanese food. However, while I understand the low variety of sashimi in a landlocked, expensive country like Switzerland, I cannot understand the careless way the sushi were prepared. Worse than the appearance of the nigiri-zushi was the fact that I could not taste any sushi vinegar in the sushi rice! It seemed as if the chef used extremely little vinegar - if at all. Other dishes surprised me with their exaggerated tastes. One vegetable dish was sweeter than the dessert, and in another dish, miso was used in extermely generous amounts, while yakitori were served in a very hot chilli sauce. People looking for the subtle aspects of Japanese cuisine will not find them at Takano. Furthermore, Chinese and other unidentified cuisines were mixed with the Japanese one which I found unnecessary and a bad match. A spring roll, for example, was served with a small nabe dish, and some shrimps were served on a sauce that I guess to come from South East Asia. Other curiosities were what I interpreted as pickled cucumbers in the nabe dish and the fact that Asahi beer ads are displayed in the restaurant, but only Kirin is available. On the positive side, the dishes (with the exception of the nigiri-zushi) were very aesthetically prepared. If you appreciate real Japanese cuisine, set your expectations low when you visit Takano, otherwise, Takano is a relatively good choice in Zurich if you have the money. "
- Stefan Sch. [January 10th 2002]
"Very good Japanese Restaurant, Mr. Stefan Sch. should have the courage to put his name when he writes such a comment ! Takano has a large variety of Japanese food and Mr. Takano cooks himself. We spent our engagement evening at Takano?s, every dish at the tepanyaki grill was more than delicious. "
- Regina Bärtschi-Bolz [March 24th 2003]
"I'm a business man from Singapore and I love Sushi, I have been to a lot of Japanese restaurant in Europe, I find the sushi in Takano Restaurant is the best one, and the price is reasonable, I will go there again next time. "
- Jerry Tey ( [March 27th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website


Tampopo CLOSED !

Name:Tampopo CLOSED !
Address:Sihlstr. 93, 8001 Zurich/Zürich
Opened:Mon - Fri: Lunch only
Review:"Nice little restaurant in the middle of Zurich. Serves the best noodle soup outside Japan."
- Robert Konzelmann ( [November 7th 2000]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yooji's Sushi

Name:Yooji's Sushi
Address:Seefeldstr. 115 , Zürich/Zurich/Zuerich
Phone:+41 (44) 383-9292
Review:" "
Link:Restaurant Website


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