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Brunflo, Sweden/Schweden.

Mikado Restaurang Grytan CLOSED !

Mikado Restaurang Grytan CLOSED !

Name:Mikado Restaurang Grytan CLOSED !
Address:Brunflo (south of Östersund)
Reviews:"Mikado is the best japanese restaurant in Sweden without any actual competition. The reason why most people haven't heard of it is that you have to go into the big forests up north in Sweden to find it. It is situated in Brunflo. A small village 20 km south of Östersund. The restaurant is very small and simple but with a very japanese decor. The food is fantastic. I have been to japanese restaurants in Europe and Asia including Japan but I have never had such exquisite food as there. In magazines it is usually mentioned as "the world famous" "one of the best in Europe" "best in Sweden". You have to include it in your guide. It is outstanding. "
- Lars Isacsson ( [April 15th 2003]
"Top of the line sushi class! A+++++++ from a sushi lover! "
- Peter Webb ( [August 22nd 2003]
"Unfortunately, it has burned down. The owner will rebuild in Östersund "
- Pär [Jan 2008]


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