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Den Haag, Netherlands/Niederlande.

Kiraku Sushibar Momiji Sushi Sakura
Shirasagi (NEW ADDRESS!)

Kiraku Sushibar

Name:Kiraku Sushibar
Address:Toussaintkade 31, Den Haag, Netherlands/Holland
Phone:(+31/70) 345-4288
Fax:(+31/70) 363-3965
- Cynthia Herlaar ( [August 9th 1997]
"In one word: delicious !"
- Frank Huijsmans [August 13th 2000]

Den Haag

Momiji Sushi

Name:Momiji Sushi
Address:Rabbijn Maarsenplein 1, The Hague/Den Haag
Phone:(070) 427-7999
Opened:Mon: 2pm - 10pm, Tue-Sun: Noon - 10pm
Review:"The best sushi after visit to Japan in 2002; and I have been in many places! Sashimi even better than Okura, didn't expect this to be possible. Open 4 months now, city center behind Bijenkorf. Big sushi menu with items I'd never seen before. Tempura prawns inside sushi lukewarm. Delicious!! I can not imagine this place to disappoint you! "
- Becky de Wilt ( [Jan 29th 2007]

Den Haag


Address:Gevers Deynootplein 155-166, Den Haag/Scheveningen
Phone:(070) 358-4853
Fax:(070) 355-6940
Review:"Part of the Sakura chain (3 restaurants in The Netherlands: Den Haag, Rotterdam, Arnhem). Each restaurant has it's own excellent Sushi Chef, where you can learn the details about the art of sushi. Together with the possibility of having your own teppanyaki chef preparing an excellent meal for you while you watch, Sakura offers an excellent night out in town. "
- Rob van Eijk ([December 27th 2000}
Link:Restaurant website

Den Haag

Shirasagi (NEW ADDRESS!)

Name:Shirasagi (NEW ADDRESS!)
Address:Stadhouderslaan 67R, 2517 Den Haag
Phone:(070) 346-4700
Fax:(070) 346-2601
Opened:Tue-Fri: noon-2pm, daily: 6pm-10.30pm
Reviews:"A delicate taste, a feast for the eyes, light food and... very reasonable priced. Itīs about time to make this clear statement, for a common misunderstanding has it that Japanese food consists mainly of raw fish and seaweed and is very expensive. Nothing is further from the truth . Since it started in 1987, Shirasagi has provided proof to the contrary. At our restaurant you can choose from many meat and fish dishes and we serve complete 4-course dinners starting at Fl. 55,- and complete luncheons from Fl. 25,-"
- ( [November 19th 1997]
"New location and a new website. The best japanese place that I have found in Den Haag. "
- Filip Gilbert ( [June 26th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website

Den Haag

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