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Clubhaus Op Der Spora Ikki Kamakura
Neo Tokyo CLOSED ! Neo's Grill & Sushi Bar CLOSED ! Sushi Place CLOSED !
Takajo Tomo Sushi-Bar Wok Asian Restaurant Sushis
Yamayu Santatsu

Clubhaus Op Der Spora

Name:Clubhaus Op Der Spora
Address:Centre sportif du Bambesch, rue de Bridel, 1264 Luxembourg
Opened:12-14 ,19-22
Review:"Sushi in a lot of variations, as starter of main meal by Hashimoto San (former Neo Tokyo). "
- Yannick ( [Ap 3rd 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Rue Emille Mousel, L-2165 Luxembourg
Phone:+352 49 69 40
Fax:+352 29 61 76
Review:"Hashimoto-San's sushis are still the best in Luxembourg. "
- Anne-France [Jan 15th 2009]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:4, rue Muenster, L-Luxembourg
Opened:noon-2pm 7pm-9:30pm closed on Sunday and Saturday noon
Reviews:"Nice interior, very exclusive food!!!"
- Brentener Luc (
"Great feeling inside, good food, excellent wines, superb service."
- Toby


Neo Tokyo CLOSED !

Name:Neo Tokyo CLOSED !
Address:rue de Nord, Luxemburg
Phone:(352) 460-080
Review:"Ringo and Hashimotos Sushi-bar has moved to the above address. The food is still excellent."


Neo's Grill & Sushi Bar CLOSED !

Name:Neo's Grill & Sushi Bar CLOSED !
Address:56 Grand-Rue, 1660 Luxembourg
Phone:(0352) 225-049
Fax:(0352) 225-049
Reviews:" "
- ( [Dec 28th 2005]
"Sushi with a twist. From the creative menu to the good-humored atmosphere, it makes you question: why didn't I find this place before? "
- G.Thomas [Dec 29th 2006]


Sushi Place CLOSED !

Name:Sushi Place CLOSED !
Address:18 Av. de la Liberté L-1930 Luxembourg
Phone:(+352) 26480068
Fax:(+352) 26480069
Reviews:"Self service Sushi bar Take in - Take out"
- Pascal Semet [june 29th 2000]
"Great Sushi, The best and largest choice in the country. They have now open an second shop in City Concorde-Bertrange. "
- Frederic Devaux ( [July 26th 2001]
"One of the worst sushi places I know in Luxembourg. The fish tastes of cardboard, the prices are ridiculous for the quality that is served. Only for those who want to seem fashionable, but not for the connoisseur. "
- JP [Oct 1st 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:2 A, Rue Jean Baptiste Esch, Luxembourg
Phone:26 25 81 09
Reviews:"Great place for no-nonsense nori, sashimi, maki. Also take away and delivery service. "
- Filip Gilbert ( [June 26th 2007]
"Great sushi - slightly limited menu, but the quality is excellent. Good service, price reasonable. It's mostly a lunch place, but open to 18:30 on Fridays, doing a brisk take-away trade. We've lived on this street for 3 years, and eaten a lot of Friday-night sushi, all of it delicious. "
- Rob Tinch ( [Dec 13th 2007]


Tomo Sushi-Bar

Name:Tomo Sushi-Bar
Address:287 route de longwy L-1941 Luxembourg-Merl
Opened:12:00-14:30, 19:00-22:00
Review:"Very good sushi and sashimi. "
- Wingka ( [May 5th 2008]


Wok Asian Restaurant Sushis

Name:Wok Asian Restaurant Sushis
Address:7-9 rue Beaumont , Luxembourg
Phone:46 91 33
Fax:46 91 33
Review:"Great nigiri, probably best Toro & Unagi in town. Menu includes several cooked asian dishes so that you won't feel guilty if you go there with non-sushi eaters. "
- Pascal Hernalsteen ( [March 4th 2005]


Yamayu Santatsu

Name:Yamayu Santatsu
Address:Rue Notre-Dame 26, Luxembourg
Phone:(352) 461-249
Reviews:"Great Sushi !"
- Martine Reuter ( [February 13th 1998]
"First and oldest Sushibar in town. And definitely the best Tekka Don I´ll ever had. "
- Georges ( [June 26th 2001]
"Sushi are just superb. Go and enjoy it. "
- Albert Gauthier ( [June 27th 2001]
"Excellent food but the service is poor. The waiters are very rude and unwelcoming. "
- Huu Yip [July 28th 2006]
"Good quality but sushi rice is very wet and sloppy. "
- Dave [Jan 19th 2007]
"The food is OK but the service is poor. The waiters are very rude and unwelcoming "
- Khady [June 20th 2007]
"Perfect food, but service can be better. Seating is very 'Tokyo-like', every square centimeter counts. Potential of the chef and quality of the food is not reflected in the restaurant. "
- Filip ( [June 26th 2007]


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