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Arcadia Sushi Bar Ginza Japs!
Kiki Kirin Mister Hu
Natsu Ohashi Osaka
Shizen Tobiko Tokyo

Arcadia Sushi Bar

Name:Arcadia Sushi Bar
Address:Galleria Subalpina, Piazza Castello, Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 561-3898
Fax:(011) 660-4060
Opened:Daily: 12.30 pm - 2.30pm, 8pm - 10.30pm
Reviews:"Italian Restaurant and sushi bar."
- Giulio Ferrari ( [February 22nd 1999]
"Good sushi and sashimi, but unfriendly people working. "
- Stefano Boffetta ( [January 10th 2002]
"Still a very good sushi and sashimi. The effort to make it more friendly gave very good results. A place to go. "
- Stefano Boffetta ( [November 13th 2002]
"We had dinner there one evening last week and the service has not improved. The soup was cold, I was overcharged and only reluctantly did the manager agree to fix it, and we were treated badly from the minute we walked in the door. AND, it is overpriced. We'll try somewhere else the next time we're in the mood for Japanese food. This restaurant needs some lessons in customer service. "
- Judy ( [Dec 2nd 2002]
"Tested before the olimpic days: the wrong place for sushi and not so good on the italian menu. I agree with Judy: the service is terrible and 4 years has passed. "
- Giovanna Antimide ( [Feb 1st 2007]
"Good sushi: standard for Italian level, Italian menu very interesting. Price and service in line with downtown restaurant. I don't understand the remark of previous post, maybe some people eat well only at home. "
- Gianfranco ( [May 29th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Homepage



Name:Sushiking Vittorio Emanuele II, 29, Torino/Turin
Opened:Tutti i giorni/Daily: 11am-3pm, 6pm-Midnight
Reviews:"Ambiente simpatico e confortevole, unito a una buona cucina giapponese. "
- Silvio ( [Sept. 10th 2003]
"Great combination of good sushi at decent prices. Background music is sometime disturbing, but the atmosphere is friendly and food is 8/10. "
- Andrea Chiarvesio ( [June 16th 2004]
"It is a cheap place to go for lunch (about 9 euros all you can eat), double price in da evening... Bot very good sushi (too thin the fish). "
- Stefano Boffetta ( [Oct 26th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:via vincenzo bellini 6, Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 440-5101
Fax:(011) 434-9624
Opened:daily except saturday and monday at lunch
Review:"Very nice small place. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Everything is reday, you don't have to wait, you chose and eat. You can also take away and they deliver in town. "
- pina [May 15th2 008]
Link:Restaurant Website (pdf menu)



Name:Kiki Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Address:via della rocca 39/g, 10123 Torino/Turin
Phone:(0039) 011-835084
Fax:(0039) 011-835084
Opened:12.30pm-2.30pm, 7pm-11pm
Reviews:"This is our new restaurant in the most exclusive street of Turin, elegant and sophisticated with a large wine list,sushi and sashimi menu and more recipes to try real japanese food. "
- Dario Vestidello ( [July 7th 2002]
"Trendy and yuppy restaurant. Very expensive and not so good. Nigiri are poor and sashimi is not so well done. "
- Stefano Boffetta ( ) [August 12th 2002]
" "
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Corso Svizzera 58, Torino/Turin
Review:"Really really really nice sushi, a bit expensive but worth it. There's a room where you can sit in the oriental style. "
- maitri85 [Jan 4th 2010]


Mister Hu

Name:Mister Hu
Address:Via dei mercanti, 16 , Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 537-171
Reviews:"The best sushi and sashimi you can find in Torino (with Arcadia). Good variety, and very thick slice of fish. You can have european beer (cheaper and better than japanese). "
- Stefano Boffetta ( ) [August 12th 2002]
"Upgrading my review, it is still the best in Turin and you can have the 'all you can eat' on tuesday for 30 euros... And very friendly people there. "
- Stefano Boffetta ( [Oct 26th 2004]



Address:via melchiorre gioia, Torino/Turin
Review:"A very nice and friendly restaurant with good quality and affordable prices.In the evening you can eat whatever you want at about 20 euro (drinks not included) and at lunch there's less choice but lower prices (everything at 10 euro). I suggest you to try it! Un ottimo rapporto qualita' prezzo, in un ambiente caldo e accogliente. Formidabili le offerte 'all-you can eat' dove si puo' attingere dal rullo a volonta\' per circa 10 euro a pranzo e 20 a cena (c'e' piu' varieta' di pesce) bevande escluse. Da provare. "
- alice de sanctis ( [Dec 13th 2002]



Address:Corso Regina Margherita 167/c, Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 473-2188
Opened:12.30pm - 2.30pm,7.30pm - 11pm
Reviews:"The best japanese restaurant in Turin. Nice service, excellent food. A little bit overpriced. "
- urza [Jan 21st 2005]
"Best Sushi in Torino, staff are nice but as it bacame very popular it's always extremely crowded, impossible to get a table at weekends without booking. A bit overpriced. Last time I went there, we had very long waiting times at the table and surprisingly at the cashier. But overall very good. "
- Ema Onorato ( [Nov 21st 2006]
"Quite good, but discontinue service. When it is crowded you had to wait too much longer. My suggestion is to go there at the opening at 7.30 pm, to enjoy your meal. Prices raised a lot from the opening, maybe due to the Olympic days, but the quality is still good, although not the best in Turin. "
- Giovanna Antimide ( [Feb 1st 2007]



Address:Via Rivalta 23/E, Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 382-3439
Review:" "
- Diego Fornero ( [Dec 16th 2007]



Address:viale thovez, Turin/Torino
Review:"La mia passione per la cucina giapponese è nata dopo un viaggio Berlino nel 2001. Esasperata da wurstel e crauti mi son nutrita di sushi per un mese con somma delizia del palato. Nel 2007 con un viaggio in Giappone ho finalmente 'tastato' i sapori in loco. Negli ultimi anni li ho provati tutti, ma proprio tutti, a Torino e a Londra (Nobu compreso)...e devo dire che Shizen ha una marcia in piu'. Aperto da poco (2008/2009) a Torino è attualmente il massimo in fatto di sushi, sashimi e oriental fushion. E' l'unico in grado di proporre, finalmente, accostamenti di sapori e consistenze nuovi. Da provare il carpaccio di branzino in salsa di miso,i black roll, i shizen roll e i fushion roll (presentati benissimo perchè anche l'occhio vuole la sua parte). Il tutto in ambiente tranquillo e a prezzi assolutamente competitivi paragonati ad altri sushi restaurant. Da provare assolutamente. "
- alice de sanctis ( [Apr 26th 2009]



Address:Via Alfieri,24, Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 537-923
Reviews:"Since 2003 the best japanese restaurant in Turin,with a good price/value ratio. If you're on a low budget try the lunch menus: for only 10 Euro a real japanese meal (the donburi of the day or soba, or a korean tasty bibimbab.For dinner, sushi around 20 Euro. "
- Giovanna Antimide ( [Jan 30th 2007]
"Used to eat Japanese all over the world, this restaurant has an astonishing quality! Very good. "
- Marta Pastore ( [Feb 6th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Via Vittorio Amedeo, 10, Torino/Turin
Phone:(011) 545-047
Reviews:"Good sushi and good price. The best choice to spend not so much money and have good sushi and sashimi. Friendly people working. Chinese choice available too. "
- Stefano Boffetta ( ) [August 12th 2002]
"Good sushi, the price is not expensive. At about 12? you can have various type of sushi (10) and some Maki (4). "
- Luca Gandolfo ( [Jan 5th 2004]



Address:C. so Ferrucci 72, 10138 Torino/Turin
Phone:(+39) 11- 447-3812
Opened:Dinner only Tue-Sun
Reviews:"Simply the best Japanese restaurant in Italy... Not so much to choose but everything really excellent."
- Fabrizio La Cava ( [September 29th 1997]
"In august 1998 it has been completely renovated in a very Japanese way. The menu has been switched to a more wintertime choice. Now it is more elegant, comfortable and you can have a very relaxing sushi time there. Fuji, the owner is great. Compliments to the architects."
- Alessandro Arnoldo ( [January 10th 1999]
"Excellent sushi and the best sukiyaki I have ever eaten. "
- Paolo Faccini ( [May 11th 2001]
"Very good (the best in town) but very expensive. "
- Stefano boffetta ( [January 10th 2002]
"Not any more the best sushi in town... "
- Stefano Boffetta ( ) [August 12th 2002]


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