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Jap One Kukai

Jap One

Name:Jap One
Address:Via S.M. Cappella Vecchia, 30 i/l, 80121 Naples/Napoli/Neapel
Phone:(+39) 081-764-6667
Opened:8pm -
Reviews:"I haven't been to this one but I have heard it is good but expensive. "
- rick ( [August 23rd 2004]
"Hard to find. we had to walk in circles just to look for the place. It is close to the high end shopping street. Haven't tried it yet since they open late. "
- ben ( [June 10th 2008]
"The fact that it opens at 2000 means I can only go on fridays. I think it's over priced but I'd go back when I feel like splurging. They had various sets starting at 16 euros and can go up to 200 euros. Not so good for big gatherings since now everyone is willing to spend that much money. "
- ben ( [June 15th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Via Carlo de Cesare 55/56, 80132 Naples/Napoli/Neapel
Phone:(081) 411-905
Fax:(081) 764-5379
Opened:1pm- 3pm,7pm-Midnight
Reviews:"Good sushi, also they deliver to the local Naples area."
- Rick ( [August 23rd 2004]
"I've never eaten such a good sushi for that price!!"
- Chris ( [Dec 31st 2004]
"Personal advise: keep away from this ... My Husband got really sick and had to go to hospital the same night ! "
- Luisa ( [Feb 14th 2005]
"The sushi here was just great. the quality of the fish exellent, and the presentation of the dish outstanding. We were in 4 and we had 2 sushi and sashimi mix, 4 miso soup, 2 sake teriyaki, 2 ramen, and 1 donburi, we spent only 85 euro included beers and water. I'm just sorry i don't live in Naples to go there more often. "
- Cathy ( [Feb 25th 2005]
"Very good quality, nice ambience and music. "
- Luciano ( [Feb 25th 2005]
"A great sushi bar(not only) in Naples!!! Good food, good ambient and good service...very well!! Congratulations Alessandro Neri."
- Alessandro Moraca ( [Aug 21st 2005]
"I'm so happy that I found this place... thank god for tomtoms. I've been craving for sushi when I initially moved to Naples, after three years I finally found a place to go whenever I'm craving for some sushi. "
- ben ( [Apr 18th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website (Italian,English and Japanese)


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