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Ayumi-Ya Michiesushi Sushi King
Sushi King (2) Wagamama Yamamori Noodles
Yami Asian Cuisine Yo Sushi Yo Sushi! (former Aya)
Yo Thai


Name:Ayumi-Ya Japanese Steakhouse
Address:132 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone:(01) 662-0233
Fax:(01) 662-0221
Opened:Mon-Sat: 12.30pm -2.30pm/6pm-11.30pm
Review:"Modern Japanese Cuisine with informal atmosphere specialising in Teppan-yaki steaks, meat, seafood, vegetarian and noodle dishes. Traditional seating for 10 available."



Address:11 Chelmsford Lane, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
Phone:(01) 497-6438
Fax:0(1) 497-6488
Reviews:"This is by far the best sushi I have eaten in Dublin, head and shoulders above anything else on offer. The sushi is of the highest quality, fish fresh from the market and you can tell it is made by someone who takes pride in their sushi. Aside from the better quality, it's also far more reasonably priced than the sushi train in Aya or Dundrum shopping centre. The chef Michel is also very friendly and I'll certainly be going back there for more. I encourage anyone who likes sushi to try Michiesushi. "
- Sean Lillis ( [Sep 29th 2007]
"Best Sushi in Dublin. "
- Jeroen Vreenegoor ( [May 16th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi King

Name:Sushi King
Address:146 Baggot St Lower, Dublin 2
Phone:(01) 644-9836
Opened:11 - 6
Reviews:"Excellent fresh sushi, sashimi, try the seared tuna. "
- Rod (
"Excellent fresh sushi at affordable prices also serves hot Japanese and Asian food. "
- Tomm Mooney ( [Oct 26th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi King (2)

Name:Sushi King (2)
Address:13 Dawson St, Dublin 2
Phone:(01) 6752000
Review:"Sushi King now have a restaurant on Dawson St. Same great Sushi and Japanese / Asian food and reasonable prices. They have good early bird menus that include beer or wine. Try the soft shell crab sushi or monkfish curry. "
- Tom Mooney ( [Jan 21st 2011]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:South King Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone:(00353) 1/478-2152
Opened:Mon - Sat: Noon - 11pm, sun: 12.30 pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Part of the Wagamama high class noodle chain from London."
"Hello all sushi fans. Sadly, Wagamama in Dublin is actually not serving sushi, although, in my opinion it is one of the best Asian-inspired restaurants in Dublin. "
- Agata ( [May 9th 2005]
Link:Wagamama website


Yamamori Noodles

Name:Yamamori Noodles
Address:71/72 sth. Great Georges St, Dublin 2
Phone:(01) 4755001
Opened:Mon-Sat: 12h30-2h30 / Mon-Thu: 6pm-11pm / Fri-Sat: 6pm-11h30 / Sun: 2pm-10pm
Reviews:"Japanese Noodles and sushi. "
"Well. I'm another satisfied user of your website. My name's Manuel Conesa, I'm spanish & I obviously) love japanese food. Visiting your page is an obligated step when I'm planning to travel somewhere, and I found it really useful when I went to Dublin.I'd suggest the big sashimi plate at Yamamori Noodles. It's much better than the sushi there. Spicy noodles are good too & the price is reasonable. The service is efficient & you can see the whole kitchen working. They use lots of salmon roe in almost every plate."
- Manuel Conesa ( [January 3rd 2001]
"Still good in 2007, snappy service and long menu. "
- [Oct 11th 2007]


Yami Asian Cuisine

Name:Yami Asian Cuisine
Address:51 Pleasants Street (Located just off Camden St), Dublin 8
Phone:(01) 4753809 / 4758870
Opened:11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Review:"This is the best kept sushi secret in town. Super fresh, efficient and inexpensive thai food and sushi! You can either sit in (its not very big), takeaway or get delivery. Their best deal is the Yami Sushi combination - 12pcs: Euro 11.95 - several slices of Salmon Sashimi, 4 California rolls, 2 salmon maki, 2 avocado maki, 1 ebi nigiri, 1 salmon nigiri, 1 unagi nigiri, 1 inari and a masago- covered rice ball. Also try their Chef's Grilled Teppanyaki. Quality is amazing and they give generous portions too. They also do sushi platters for parties. You also get a bottle of free soda if you order over 30 dollars! "
- snowball [June 16th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yo Sushi

Name:Yo Sushi
Address:Unit 26A,Level 1,Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin 16
Phone:(01) 2989-789
Review:"Yo Sushi have a good sushi train and also a sit down menu, and a great selection of take away sushi too. Friendly service too :-) "
- rusushilove [May 15th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yo Sushi! (former Aya)

Name:Yo Sushi! (former Aya)
Address:49 Clarendon St, Dublin 2
Phone:(01) 677-1544
Reviews:"Flagship restaurant of the Aya chain run by second generation Japanese restaurateur Yoichi Hoashi. Conveyor Sushi bar and top class deli, with extensive menu. "
- myles mcweeney ( [Jan 2nd 2004]
"This is the McDonalds of sushi and I,ve been sick twice in two visits there . I'm a sushi monster and trapped in Dublin with only one sushi bar I refuse to eat there again, long live sushi village, whistler and sushi sushi on beverly bvld LA, my only ever sushi lock-in. "
- Richie Smyth ( [Feb 10th 2005]
"I have to agree, this is the McD's of sushi. You'd be better going to the burgerking around the corner. I checked out the belt of sushi.....not worth a sniff. I ordered out and to my surprise there was no soy sauce in the bag. What the heck is up with that. I ordered 23 euro worth of sushi. Do I have to pay extra?? I would steer away from this place indeed. "
- Dave Bachmann ( [Sept 13th 2005]
"Medium-sized sushi bar with a metal conveyer belt, configured to allow the people assembling the uncooked fish dishes to perform their joyless task behind closed doors without any annoying customer contact, and to avoid any possibility that customers might observe said preparation process. Aya has the interesting distinction of serving both the best conveyer-belt sushi in Dublin and the worst sushi in the world. The selection is extraordinarily limited, being confined almost entirely to salmon sushi, much of which has been on the conveyer belt long enough to have become dry and hard at the edges. The avocado-and-eel roll I ordered consisted of two isolated slices. Each slice had a microscopic sliver of avocado and a wedge of eel with the cross section of a small nail. The roll had been incorrectly rolled, in the way that makes everyone laugh at a sushi making party when a beginner tries it for the first time. The rice was like hard little bullets, although to be fair that could have been due to the sushi sitting around for a few hours. As to decor, the uncomfortable white plastic chairs were smeared with dry brown filth, as if they had not been seriously wiped down in years. Aya charged a friend of mine euro 11 for two large diet cokes. If one were to contract an obscure disease from eating at Aya it would most likely be Yukosushi's Syndrome. "
- Barak A. Pearlmutter ( [Dec 20th 2005]
"Aya offers a varied selection of superb sushi. The restaurant is very well set up with table service as well as 2 revolving sushi bars. A number of delicious items are available for take out, already packaged and ready to eat. They also feature Japanese sweets and various ingredients, condiments, and package soups. The staff are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is modern and nice. There are special offers available for late night eating. "
- Saya Otonashi ( [June 18th 2006]
"Best sushi I've tasted, Japan included , salmon superb. "
- nicholas lynch ( [Feb 26th 2009]
"Aya closed down. There's a Yo Sushi! now where Aya used to be. "
- A. Garvey ( [May 20th 2009]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yo Thai

Name:Yo Thai
Address:22-24 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Phone:(01) 260-3886
Review:"Probably the best Thai food in Dublin. They also server mediocre Chinese. But in addition, they have some very good sushi! They are quite flexible and helpful; for example, although chirashi is not on the menu, they will happily make it, or other unlisted items, upon request. "
- Barak A. Pearlmutter ( [Dec 20th 2005]


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