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Arigato Bambuszliget I love sushi
Japán CLOSED ! Mammut 2 Miyako Bar & Restaurant CLOSED !
Okuyama No Sushi Sushi An Wasabi


Address: VI. Terez korut, in Terez Uzlethaz,Budapest
Opened:Mon-Sat: Noon - 11pm
Reviews:"Nice small Sushi place run by Japanese, with both combination menus and separate sushi, sashimi and other dishes being of great value. "
- Jüri Kaljundi ( [May 13th 2001]
"O, just 30 m off the Bajcsy-Zs ut, short walk from Arany Janos utca Metro stop, Budapest. This has a real Japanese feeling. Like back to some back door place in Kyoto. Somewhat. Run by a Japanese family. On a Tuesday night there were only 3 Japnese customers. Menu in Japanese & English. Anything from Soba, Udon, Tempura, Katsudon to nigiri & sashimi. Renkon tempura, Ramen & miso Shiro was great, sushi was nice & fresh but the rice was falling apart which was the only bummer. But if you feel like Japanese food without the globalization effect of overpriced and only fancy choice of maki, this is the place. It is not a place to impress your girlfriend with some fancy Europeanized Japanese Restaurant. This is just a good old Japanese little thing to eat the real thing! "
- Bartosz ( [July 4th 2007]



Address:Belgrád rkp. 18., 1056 Budapest
Phone:(+36) 1-3181144
Opened: Mon-Fri: 11.30 am - 11pm, Sat,Sun: noon-11pm
Review:"I don't have experience in sushi world-wide, so I can't really judge the quality, but this restaurant does hold quite a wide selection of Japanese food. And they also have delivery with quite reasonable prices (20-30% under the in-restaurant prices). "
- Robert Varga [Dec 4th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website (English,Japanese, Hungarian)


I love sushi

Name:Home Delivery, Budapest
Phone:+36 1 336-1888
Fax:+36 1 336-1889
Reviews:"I got the information from one of my friends, there is a sushi home delivery in Budapest. I really like the sushi, but I think in Budapest, the sushi restaurants are a way too expensive. By checking the webpage of 'I love sushi' the first impression for me was, that they have VERY reasonable prices. So I ordered by phone. The phone operator speaks English very well, and was very nice. After ordering she informed me about the delivery time (about an hour). After 55 minutes the box I ordered was delivered. Very nice package, with chop sicks, a printed menu, and athentic plastic sushi box. Inside the box there were huge nigiris and makis, almost too big. The quality was very good, but they indicated, that there is a big demand, so you have to calculate at least 1,5 hour delivery time. "
- John ( [August 13th 2004]
"I ordered from ilovesushi. The fresh salmon was edible, but the hamachi (yellowtail) was a chewy, flavorless disaster. Also the nori (seaweed) they use to wrap their handrolls was poor. Oh, and they forgot to bring soy sauce. Oh and the website is hard to use: try to find a 'logon' button. The 'order' button only comes up for me if I set it to English, not Hungarian. All in all, not exactly a success. The salmon was ok though, as I say (though even that was cut wrong). We need a better online sushi in this town. "
- Giacomo ( [August 25th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website


Japán CLOSED !

Name:Japán CLOSED !
Address:VIII. Luther utca 4-6, Budapest
Phone:114 3427
Review:"This was long the only jap. rest. in town. Now it looks a bit tatty. Quite cheap, but poor by international standards, no japanese beer. Only if you are sick of goulash !"


Mammut 2

Name:Mammut 2
Address:Széna tér, Budapest
Reviews:"This shopping plaza has a basic sushi bar on the 2nd floor. Looked fishy so we skipped eating there. "
- Pal Negyesi ( [April 17th 2004]
"I tried sushi there, and I find it a bit expensive (mall prices???) and the variety is pretty poor. I miss the sushi sets, which would give the possibility to try several different kinds of sushi. "
- Emese Reinhardt ( [Jan 9th 2006]


Miyako Bar & Restaurant CLOSED !

Name:Miyako Bar & Restaurant CLOSED !
Address:Visegradi u.1, 1037 Budapest, Hungary
Opened:11.30 am ´til midnight or until the last customer goes.
Review:"Sushi and noodle bar. Authentic ramen, unpretentious quick and warming fare in functional surroundings. All noodle dishes come in immense portions. Some of the best sushi in Budapest offering a wide variety also for take away. Excellent service. Frequently visited by resident Japanese. Credit Cards. Beer, sake and a **Drive Your Car Home Service** if you happen to have a whale of a time."
- Peter McKenna ( [July 13th 1998]


Okuyama No Sushi

Name:Okuyama No Sushi
Address:Kolosy ter 5-6, Kolosy Uzlethaz, Budapest
Reviews:"Mr Okuyama is the 'sushi-man' in town. He hardly speaks English or Hungarian, but who cares when the food is this good! It's a cozy, nice, friendly place and not that pricey. "
- Pal Negyesi ( [April 17th 2004]
"Okuyama-san is the only traditional sushi shef in town. He has the ultimate knowledge how to prepare a sashimi platter or other japanese appetizers. The price is right and the service is great! "
- Gyula ( [Dec 19th 2005]


Sushi An

Name:Sushi An
Address:Harmincad u. 4, Hungary - Next to British Embassy, Budapest V
Phone:317 4239
Opened: Noon - 10pm
Review:"Small restaurant with approx 8-10 places at the bar. Good prices. Good service. "
- Roger Killick ( [May 12th 2003]



Address:Corner of Podmaniczky & Jokai utca, Budapest
Review:"ll-you-can eat Kaiten Sushi & WOK varieties. There were only 2 kinds of nigiri, 1 maki, rest is some WOK prepared fried or cooked stuff, deserts, etc. It is a nice experience (because of the moving plates), pleasantly looking interior, attentive service but if you are looking for good Japanese food you better skip it and head just 10 min. away to ARIGATO, which while more expensive has a real non-Europeanized Japanese style and food. the all-you-can eat was 4790/person + drinks, miso, etc. "
- Bartosz ( [July 4th 2007]


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