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Kham Sushi Bar

Kham Sushi Bar

Name:Kham Sushi Bar & Asian Specialities
Address:Burkader Str. 6, 97082 Würzburg/Wurzburg
Phone:(0931) 450-2364
Opened:Wed- Mon: 11.30am - 2pm, 5.30pm - 11.30 pm, Closed Tuesdays
- Bernd Neiser ( [August 3rd 2000]
"This restaurant is a place to be....freshest food, very kind staff, and a real good balance price/quality and varity of meals. An absolute top-location. Gotta try.... "
- Sebastian Stahl ( [Feb 3rd 2005]
"Excellent Sushi in a clean and upbeat enviroment. Prices are around 20 euro per person. Staff speaks good english but service can be slow in peak evening hours. "
- Rod Stout [March 7th 2005]
"Great restaurant. However, tiny cuts of fish if any fish at all. Saturday buffet is 10 Euro and is dominated by veggie stuff. 20 Euro on sunday, slightly better. "
- Clark [Nov 15th 2005]
"I have to say, I have been going to this restaurant for over that past six years and the food has always kept up to its high standard in quality sushi at the freshest I have tasted from over 50 in all of germany. The people are well trained, polite, and see to your every need. The portions of sushi are more than pleasing to the eyes. The cooked dishes are flavorful and light with outstanding portions,and to talk about the oriental soup and salad dishes there is only one thing to say is that there out of this world!!!! Its a must try restaurant for all sushi and orient food lovers. "
- John .W. Darmetko Jr ( [May 16th 2008]


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