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A Dong CLOSED ! Yu


Name:A Dong CLOSED !
Address:Auchterwiesenweg 4, 89081 Ulm-Söflingen
Phone:(0731) 381-010
Review:"This is the only sushi restaurant in Ulm/Neu-Ulm! Attention: Sushi is generally offered on Friday and Saturday. "
- Sandra Richardon ( [Jan 5th 2004]



Address:Memmingerstr. 72/220, Whiley Barracks, Neu-Ulm
Phone:(0731) 83811
Opened:5pm -11pm
Reviews:"Since this restaurant is located in the fort of the castle of Ulm, the atmosphere is absolutely unique. The furniture and food is how you would expect it to be of a good japanese restaurant, but still nothing is overloaded by the dull standard furniture you find so many other japanese restaurants. The poeple running the ´Yu´ are always giving their best to provide their customers with a most pleasurable evening. Besides the ´Yu´ you will find a lot of other interesting and entertaining things located nearby such as the old ´Roncalli´ circus tent with life music or other events. This location is definitely worth visiting!"
- Michael Zabler (
"You offer a japanese restaurant in Ulm, Germany ("Yu") under your sushi world guide. Unfortunately you can only get dinner-menues (most with beef) there but not sushi (the fantastic fishy rolls). I think, you have to know this. I went there many times to look, if they offer the real sushi, but I've never seen any sushi on the menu-card. Best regards. "
- Michael Sigl-Kraetzig ( [April 18th 2001]
"They do have Sushi as part of the set menu. They have excellent sashimi as well. However, don't go there if you're looking for a plain sushi bar. Yu has two different set menues both of which are absolutely fabulous. "
- Mathias Borsch ( [February 28th 2002]
"Der Chefkoch Herr Sato kocht persönlich für jeden Gast vor dessen Augen. Man müßte es einmal selbst miterlebt haben, wenn man über japanische Küche weitererzählen möchte, wie grossartig und zauberhaft der Meisterkoch aus Japan das Diner zubereitet. Eine echte Augenweide! Selbstverständlich kann man dort Sushi genießen. Man sollte der Wirtin Frau Sato über Sushi im voraus Bescheid sagen, damit sie die Zutaten frisch einkaufen kann. "
- Hiroshi Ito ( [August 3rd 2002]
"The food was really amazingly good. It's a little cold inside during the winter time, but the atmosphere is great."
- [Jan 9th 2006]


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