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Osnabrück, Germany/Deutschland.

Chows Garden Ichiban Sushi Ichiban Sushi II

Chows Garden

Name:Chows Garden
Address:Am Kamp, 49080 Osnabrück/Osnabruck
Phone:(0541) 299-99
Opened:Daily: 11am-3pm, 6pm-midnight
Review:"Very fine Chinese restaurant with a Japanese middle section for Teppanyaki cooking. I eat sushi there about three times a week. The price for 11pcs. selected sushi is DM 32.00 (apprx. US$17.00). The owner (Mrs. Chow) is open to any requests and will remember you when you go there the next time."
- Andy Walter ( [January 10th 1999]


Ichiban Sushi

Name:Ichiban Sushi
Address:Lotter Str. 11, 49186 Osnabrück/Osnabruck
Phone:(0541) 409-5552
Fax:(0541) 409-8596
Opened:Tue-Fri: Noon - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm, Sat: 10am - noon 6pm - 10pm Closed Mondays every 1. and 3. Sunday open from 4pm - 8pm
Reviews:" New small Sushibar. Big selection, plus vegetarian Sushi, only 2 Bistrotables. You get green tea for free if you eat there. Delivery on request. The Sushi does taste good but not as good as at Chow´s Garden. YET !? But you safe about 40-60 % !!! (Bobby Bargain)"
- Andreas Walter ( [March 15th 1999]
"Perhaps the quality 3 weeks after the opening of Ichiban Sushi was not absolutly top. But since ca. April ´99 our sushi-quality is the best you can eat. Many, many people from Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf told us. Near at October ´99 we will open a second shop."
- Michael Hotop (
Link:Restaurant website


Ichiban Sushi II

Name:Ichiban Sushi II
Address:Kamp 80, 49074 Osnabrück/Osnabruck
Phone:(0541) 259-9504
Fax:(0541) 259-9504
Review:"Second outlet of Ichiban-Sushi"
Link:Restaurant website


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