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Haru Sushi Bar Hiro Sakao Ishihara
Oishii - Sushi & Friends Sakao CLOSED ! Sushi Glas

Haru Sushi Bar

Name:Haru Sushi Bar
Address:Schnieglingerstrasse 11, 90419 Nuernberg/Nürnberg/Nuremberg
Phone:(0911) 264-5640
Fax:(0911) 264-5641
Opened:Tue-Fr 11.30am-2.30pm,5.30pm-Midnight, Sa,Su: 5.30pm - Midnight
Review:" Nice small restaurant with perfect sushi. "
- Axel Mueller ( [July 13th 2002]


Hiro Sakao

Name:Hiro Sakao
Address:Zufuhrstrasse 22, Nürnberg
Phone:(0911) 2741-1999
Review:"A very standard menu of sushi, maki and inside-out maki. However, great service and good location. Prices are slightly above average for Germany. "
- Clark ( [Nov 21st 2006]



Address:Schottengasse 3, 90402 Nürnberg/Nuremberg
Phone:(0911) 226-395
Fax:(0911) 205-9957
Opened:Mon - Sat: Noon - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10pm, Closed Sundays
Review:"The teppanyaki style restaurant serves japanese specialities & warm food. 65 seats. "
- Klaus Hemerka [October 18th 2000]
Link:Restaurant Website


Oishii - Sushi & Friends

Name:Oishii - Sushi & Friends
Address:Schnieglinger Str. 5, Nürnberg
Phone:(0911) 377-6883
Review:"A very posh environment with a decent selection of inside-out Maki. Prices are about average for Deutschland "
- Clark ( [Nov 13th 2006]


Sakao CLOSED !

Address:Gleissbühlstr. 20, 90402 Nürnberg/Nuremberg
Phone:(+49/911) 2144-8222
Fax:(+49/911) 2144-8112
Opened:Mon-Sat: 6pm-midnight
Review:"Japanese kitchen in the Bavarian American Hotel. "
- Peter Pridoehl [July 3rd 2000]
Link:Restaurant website


Sushi Glas

Name:Sushi Glas
Address:Kornmarkt 7,(next to the ´Germanisches Nationalmuseum´), 90402 Nürnberg/Nuremberg
Phone:(0911) 205-9901
Opened:Mon-Wed: Noon - 11pm, Thu-Sat: Noon-Midnight, Sun: 6pm-10pm
Reviews:"Reasonable priced restaurant (around DM 40.00/$25.00 for a medium sized dinner). Reservations recommended at weekends."
- Bernd Kirst ( [January 18th 1999]
"On April, 26th, 2002 a friend of mine and me visited Sushi Glas in Nürnberg. As a starter we took spinach with so called sesame taste. The taste was like peanut butter, to be honest. Nevertheless we decided to go on with trying their Nigiri. A very bad decision. The colour of the tuna nigiri was almost grey. They really tried to convey to us that this would mean a special quality. In fact the "quality" was that of a piece of rubber. We could not believe it as this was the worst sushi we had ever !!! Although it seems unbelievable the only statement we can make is that the sushi was definitely old ! Of course we told the manager about our normal expectation for a excellent sushi quality but she obviously did not seem to be very interested in our opinion. We stopped after our second nigiri and had to pay the full price at the end. If you should ever go for sushi in Nürnberg, please do not go to that place, save your money."
- Mario Richiusa ( [May 6th 2002]
"I cannot agree to any topic of the unreasonable review of Mario Richiusa. I am an enthusiastic guest of Sushi Glas for many years and you get the world's best Sushi there. It's the coolest restaurant of Nuremberg - and there are really few Sushi restaurants in Germany where you get such a perfect quality of Fish, Soy sauce etc. And I never had a bad experience with the service staff, too - everyone ist always very fast and friendly. I cannot understand at all which kind of problem Mario Richiusa used to have . It must have been a personal one which has nothing to do with the quality of the food at Sushi Glas which really is excellent! "
- Sabine Sienel ( [May 9th 2002]
"Great looking restaurant although the inside could use some plants. A tad pricey but considering the location reasonable. Good sushi but the maki had no imagination just boring. The maki was also a little skimpy on the cuts. "
- Clark ( [June 23rd 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website
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