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Currently listed: 2 Restaurants in
Mainz, Germany/Deutschland.

Domo Tokyo


Address:Mittlere Bleiche 27,55116 Mainz
Phone:(06131) 236-998
Review:"Small restaurant with 2 floors. Good japanese food. Reasonable prices. Good sashimi & shushi plates. Bento boxes, lunch. Service is friendly but sometimes a bit slow. "
- zimbosurf [Feb 25th 2004]



Address:Grosse Bleiche 17-23, 55116 Mainz
Phone:(06131) 232-688
Fax: (06131) 268-902
Opened:11am - 2pm, 5.30pm - 11pm
Reviews:"Great restaurant, not the best quality but an all-you-can-eat menu all the time 11am-2pm: 19,90 DM 5.30pm-11pm 29,90 DM "
- wulars ( [November 21st 2000]
"Visited (as German) with my Japanese wife. Of course I never expect original Japanese 'Tokyo Fishmarket' quality, however quality was the worst I have ever seen in German Sushi Restaurant. 'All you can eat' is the only which makes sense (if you don't know other places) as single sushi dishes are just priced wrong -not according to raw material cost. Better go to Wiesbaden (Sushi-Welt) or 'Kappa' in Mainz. Sorry. "
- Arno ( [December 4th 2001]
"Tremendously poor quality, worst Sushi I've ever had. Who cares about all-you-can-eat if it's just not appetising? At least the restaurant seemed to be clean. "
- Jean Pierre ( [March 27th 2003]
"This is probably not only the worst Sushi restaurant I ever visited, it could be the worst in the world and a serious threat to your health. Obviously, the owners are chinese, so the food they declare as Sushi is mostly some kind of vintage 'Dow Chemical Dim Sum'. The restaurant is filthy, the waitor smoked when talking to me, and his fingers needed some soap. I could list more if I had stayed longer, but I left because I am too young to die..."
- G. Zahl ( [April 7th 2006]
"Yes, the worst I have never ever seen and tasted! do not go there! "
- Pierre Ducon ( [July 16th 2007]


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