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Address:Kölner Strasse 52 (Markt), 51379 Leverkusen-Opladen
Phone:(02171) 506-116
Fax:(02171) 506-117
Opened:11.30am - 3pm,5pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Former Hotel Atlantic(Hamburg)Cook Takahama-san is now sushi-chef here. Superb sushi & tasty tempura.Yakiudon,agedashitofu & karaage are extra recommended too. Nice atmosphere & good service at low prices.Mr.Takahama has a good skill & sense for oishii details.Japanese people like it, try! 'In the very heart of Rhine-area, easy to reach from Cologne and Düsseldorf! "
- A.Haefner ( [Feb 27th 2006]
"Unfortunately, I can not confirm the enthusiastic reviews here and in other websites. Menu reminds very much of 'Bento Box', but in my opinion the quality of the sushi is not at the same standard, but the prices are higher. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the preparation of the sushi, as the bar is too high. I also did not see any sushi-chef (maybe I had a bad day for my test). Consistency and taste of the rice did not convince me, and long grain rice would not be my first choice for Sushi anyway. In other words ... as you can be in both Cologne or Duesseldorf in less than 30 minutes (even less if you take the train), I do not see many reasons to suggest this restaurant. Maybe others had a better experience and want to share it... "
- Andreas Thaler ( [May 15th 2007]
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