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Seoul CLOSED !

Seoul CLOSED !

Name:Seoul Korean-Japanese Restaurant
Address:Koberg 4, 23552 Lübeck/Luebeck
Phone:(0451) 791-627
Fax:(0451) 791-627
Opened:Daily: Noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm, Mond. closed
Review:" The restaurant is operated by a Korean familiy which results in attentive and friendly service. The sushi chef seems to have a Korean origin as well. The small japanese section of the menu offers different sushi and sashimi menues with salmon, tuna, surimi, shrimp, cucumber and california roll. It's been a georgeous meal. There were two slightly negative aspects in my visit. One: Some salmon slices weren't as tender as you can expect from a japanese restaurant and one had to swallow the whole nigiri sushi as one. Two: The miso soup was served in a european style bowl with a spoon instead of chopsticks. The last point wouldn't even have struck me if there weren't a sermon of japanese food style blabla food art blabla arrangement blabla printed on the paper table sets. "
- Marian Semm ( [September 17th 2001]


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