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Daily Bento Edo Ichiban (former Kabuki Soul former Sushi Island Bar)
Kyoto Shogun Sindo
Sushi Berlin Sushibar

Daily Bento

Name:Daily Bento
Address:Markthalle Hannover, Karmarschstr. 49, 30159 Hannover
Phone:(0511) 363-2527
Fax:(0511) 980-5590
- Martin Braun ( [January 10th 1999]



Address:Podbielskistr.145, 30177 Hannover, Germany
Phone:(0511) 909-30


Ichiban (former Kabuki Soul former Sushi Island Bar)

Name:Ichiban (former Kabuki Soul former Sushi Island Bar)
Address:Friedrichswall 10, Hannover
Phone:(0511) 215 76 09
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 2pm, Sat/Sun: 11am - 3pm
- Martin Braun ( [January 10th 1999]
"Best Place in Hannover for Sushi and other Japanese Food. Great Sashimi also Tempura is perfect. "
- Helmut Sumpf ( [January 10th 2002]
"Best Sushi in Hannover (former Sushi Island), incl. european styles. "
- Veith Schörgenhummer ( [January 14th, 2003]
"The old place in the Joachimstr used to be much nicer. It had a better atmosphere. Also the service personal was much friendlier and took better care of the customers. The new Kabuki Soul gives the impression of a very commercialized place, where the customer is less important than the profit. Yet the quality of the food is great. The offers for students used to be much better in the old place, which made it very attractive. Overall it has become a fancy place for people who want to be seen and not for people who want to enjoy great Japanese food in a quiet and nice place. "
- J. Seidig ( [Sept. 10th 2003]
"Certainly NOT 'the best sushi in town' in my view: Even though quality was always good, Nigiri-rice is machine-made, and the fish is good, but not excellent. Service is miserable, staff takes ages to take your order and even longer if you want to pay. Great and very wide selection, therefore a good place to go to with more people if not everyone eats Sushi, but not the best place for the Sushi-enthusiast. "
- mpt ( [Oct. 13th 2003]
"I visited with my banker contacts the Ichiban Hannover, originally Kabuki Soul. I must confess, I cannot report anything negative in general. The prices are generally not the best value, but acceptable, and the quality is ok. However, I must give my melancholy a bit space. I am a witness from the first ground-breaking ceremony of this construction project, Nord LB, and especially of the genesis of the previous Kabuki Soul. I'm disappointed, because I only see a shadow of its original concept. The previous developer and adviser Sven Mostegl, who also created the famous Sushi Island in Hannover, I personally know over many years. He developed also one of the few successful concepts at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, which was at that time by the national and international media highly praised. It was so successful that it was in the final report of the nationwide Bundestag of 02.04.2001 described as a successful concept and further than the previous government has chosen that as an idol for market adjustment and success. Unfortunately I don’t see in Ichiban anything from this creativity, customer-oriented design and the food-quality value. Only in the ambience I can see view remaining factors, which survived over the last 10 years. So a compliment to the developer Sven Mostegl. There also arises the question of why this concept is not further developed in his design in order to appear again like new and attractive. Germany is making efforts to promote young people, their creativity and innovation particularly the last 10 years, which expresses out itself in the German Former Award. Why it is not happen in such a fantastic location, such as the Nord LB? Ichiban should be further developed in its design concept according to the whole restaurant concept in a fantastic building in order to bring harmony and customer focus to remain attractively. I was able to meet Sven Mostegl in a food conference in the UAE again. It was a refreshing, very professionally meeting, which ended up in a (for the Arab world) unique tour through the food factory. The participants from various nations, who were present at this food factory concept, expressed their approval by violent applause. It is nice to see that German innovation is so successful abroad. I am very pleased that the projects of Sven Mostegl are so successful and future-oriented. why the Ichiban is not linked to that? A city like Hannover, a position at the town hall in one of the most modern European buildings cries out for it. My wish and recommendation is to this location more development. Come back to experience and innovation, perhaps on ideas and creativity of its predecessors. Put the Ichiban in another highlight, make it to a pearl of the Hannoverian hospitality. "
- [june 27th 2012] (
Link:Restaurant Facebook site



Name:Kyoto Sushi Bar
Address:Kramerstr. 21, 30159 Hannover
Reviews:"A sushibar with a genuine japanese sushi cook and very attentive and fast service people. They serve really very good sushi there for reasonable prices. But you have to keep in mind that it is a sushi bar when ordering something else. I had yakitori as a starter which I bet came strait off the fridge. They resembled me in taste and style a yakitori I had with a meeting served by a aramark caterer; not really bad but not really good as well. The soups I had there were acceptable. But make sure you keep off the yakitori stuff there. "
- Marian Semm ( [September 4th 2001]
"My Experience: The food is good, but the service personal is very unfriendly. I recommend other Sushi Restaurants in Hannover. "
- J. Seidig ( [Seot 10th 2003]
"Luckily the staff changed. Now I can really recommend the Kyoto ! "
- Andreas Kuehne [April 16th 2004]



Address:Waterloostr. 21, 30169 Hannover
Phone:(0511) 131-7334



Address:Podbielskistr. 14, 30163 Hannover
Phone:(0511) 661-188
Fax:(0511) 661-188
Opened:Daily: Noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm, closed Sat afternoon
Review:"Great Sushi - excellent quality, nice combination platters, good prices. Very friendly and receptive staff, nice cosy atmosphere - a definite recommendation, especially for the Sushi-lover! "
- mpt ( [Oct. 13th 2003]


Sushi Berlin

Name:Sushi Berlin
Address:Osterstr. 26, 30159 Hannover
Phone:(+49) 511-76384794
Fax:(+49) 5361-2759534
Opened:11am - 23pm
Review:" "
- Andrée Helms ( [July 17, 2014
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Goethestr.48, 30169 Hannover, Germany
Phone:(0511) 700-0259
Fax:(0511) 700-0259
- Jens Köstermann ( [November 28th 1997]
"The Gim Sushibar is great. The personal is very friendly and attentive, especially to newcomers, who have little experience with Sushi. The food is great and the cook can be watched while preparing the food. The personal is keen on personal experiences and is making high efforts to please everybody. "
- J. Seidig ( [Sept. 10th 2003]


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