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Captain Sushi Kuma-San CLOSED ! Sushi Factory

Captain Sushi

Name:Captain Sushi
Address:B÷ttcherstr., 28195 Bremen
Reviews:"The second sushi bar in Bremen!!!! "
- Julia Kohlmueller ( [January 21st 2001]
"Only japanese cooks and staffs, sushis chiefcook is master tempura and sushi combined sushi and tempura try Take special. best sushi bar in north germany. "
- Birgitta [January 10th 2002}
"Hello, Based on your positive recommendation for Captain Sushi of Bremen, I eagerly went last night hoping to offer my palate a break from cheese, sausages, cure meats... only to find what was on offer vastly contrary to the reviews. First thought.. let me start with something simple. Ika. Still looked rather shiny, perhaps fresh. My first bite found the cuttlefish to be room temperature, not lightly chilled. The texture was chewy. The rice was cooked with too much water that it was a clump of goo. The nori was soaked through with moisture, flat and chewy. Perhaps I tried a bad plate? One off. Shouldn't judge the restaurant by that. I proceeded on with salmon, inari, and the various maki on offer. All the same. Lukewarm seafood (blessed be I don't have food poisoning today) and the rice. Sigh. The rice. The cherished plump rice grains of the Japanese perfumed with mirin. Something I so looked forward to.. it was not. Wasn't even starting to be near. Not a grain could be picked from any of the sushi pieces as they were all clumps of thick goo. On the way to be a rice cake perhaps. The hotate was mute in colour, signifying it's been out of the shell for too long, having dried. The tuna had a similar long dead, far from fresh milky matt hue. I dare not venture further. Perhaps it was once a good sushi place, but please update your reviews for the restaurant as it left this homesick for Asian food lass feeling cheated and even more homesick after the fare. Regards. "
- Cynthia ( [Jan 9th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Kuma-San CLOSED !

Name:Kuma-San CLOSED !
Address:Schlachte 19-20, 28195 Bremen
Phone:(0421) 169-5533
Fax:(0421) 169-5534
Opened:Mon-Sat: Noon - midnight
Reviews:"Unfortunately it┤s the only Sushi restaurant in Bremen. It is centrally located close to the river Weser."
- Adelarisa Kedenburg ( [June 21st 1999]
"My favorite place in Bremen. Excellent service."
- Andreas Stolz (


Sushi Factory

Name:Sushi Factory
Address:Knochenhauerstr. 11, 28195 Bremen
Phone:(0421) 163-3774
Fax:(0421) 163-3775
Reviews:"Sushi on a conveyorbelt. Take a look at the website for more information. "
- [Jan 5th 2004]
"The sushi is ok but not the greatest, it is because the fish is somehow not so good, maybe it was frozen. The price for sushi is above average. "
- sushiman ( [Jan 27th 2004]
"Went there last night with my beautiful fiancee and must say that it was fantastic! Really good. Would recommend highly. Only negative (if there is one) is that there was no tempura available. "
- Stephen ( [Jan 2nd 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


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