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Kaufhof Sushi Bar Ichiban Sushibar Kamijo CLOSED !
Kugelfisch Sushi Bar Makiman Miyako

Kaufhof Sushi Bar

Name: Kaufhof Sushi Bar
Address:Münsterplatz / Remigiusstraße, 53111 Bonn
Opened:Mo-Fr 9-20, Sa 9-16
Review:" Sushi bar at the basement floor of Kaufhof Department Store. Choice of delicious sushi to take away or 'tachi-kui', though rather expensive. Often sold out in the afternoon. Same (Japanese) owner as Miyako and other restaurants in Cologne. "
- Karl Gerner ( [November 17th 2000]


Ichiban Sushibar

Name:Ichiban Sushibar
Address:Stockenstrasse 14, 53113 Bonn,
Phone:(0228) 410-9789
Reviews:"This bar has opened recently (a week ago ?). I am not too familiar with japanese food, but I believe the sushi were very good. "
- Martin Balzer [October 18th 2002]
"My collegue suggested this very new sushi restaurant. I tried it for lunch today: it was great. Very fresh food in a modern atmosphere. "
- Christian Boettcher (christian. [October 18th 2002]
"Excellent suhsi and sashimi and very kind personnel. I'am taking there my lunch every saturday and was until now never dissatisfied with the service or my meal. Only point of critic is that there are few alternatives to sushi like tempura or teriyaki. "
- Martin Beyert ( [August 13th 2003]


Kamijo CLOSED !

Name:Kamijo CLOSED !
Address:Michaelplatz 6, 53177 Bonn
Phone:(0228) 35 79 42
Opened:closed on sundays !
Reviews:"Very good traditional food with a large assortment, the speciality is sushi being served on a wooden ship for two persons or more. The price is not low, reservations recommended."
- Monika Meier-Leins (
" In one word: Heaven! I have yet to find better sushi anywhere else - and you should try Ebiten-Maki. Everything else I've tried here was amazing, too, and I go quite often. The only problem: very expensive. Lunch (no credit cards) offers good value. "
- Michael Shohat ( [July 24th 2001]
" Wonderful restaurant! This place is run by japanese owners for about 20 years now. Food is great, athmosphere too and the waitresses are nice to look at ;-P Best (and IMHO the only) choice in Bonn. "
- Mosaburo [January 23rd 2002]


Kugelfisch Sushi Bar

Name:Kugelfisch Sushi Bar
Address:Clemens-August-Str. 20-22, 53115 Bonn
Phone:(0228) 520-9398
Fax:(0228) 520-9399
Opened:Mo-Sat 12.00-23.00, Sun 17.00-23.00
Review:" "
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Sterntorbruecke 11, 53111 Bonn
Phone:(0228) 721-6951
Fax:(0228) 721-6951
Opened:Mon-Sat: Noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Review:"Very good value for money, fast and friendly service, nice ambience. "
- [Dec 22nd 2006]



Address:Bornheimer. 74, 53111 Bonn
Phone:(0228) 636-637
Fax:(0228) 18771
Reviews:"Owner not Japanese, comes from Vietnam, sushi at times too hot, too much wasabi."
- [December 2nd 2000]
"Owner is Japanese! Staff is from Vietnam !"
- Karl Gerner ( [April 24th 2001]
"We too think their sushi is too hot -- they are pretty liberal with the wasabi. First time we had their take-out, we phoned them from home because we couldn't find the wasabi to mix with the soy sauce. They told us they had already put it on the sushi -- boy, were they right! (The sushi itself was good, though -- next time, we'll just ask them to make it less hot.) "
- [July 24th 2001]


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