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Augsburg, Germany/Deutschland.

Essbar Kiku (former Sakura) Manyo


Name:essbar sushi & cocktails
Address:Am Katzenstadel 1, 86152 Augsburg
Phone:(0821) 349-3491
Fax:(0821) 349-3497
Opened:Daily: 6pm - 1am
Review:" "
- bernd.powwow [Sept 22nd 2004]


Kiku (former Sakura)

Name:Kiku (former Sakura)
Address: Heilig-Kreuz-Strasse 22, Augsburg
Phone:(0821) 519-878
Fax:(0821) 349-5780
Opened:11.30 am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - midnight
Reviews:"Absolutely delicious! Traditional sushi, yakitori and sukiyaki. I am a regular visitor of this restaurant. Tourists and businessmen from Japan are delighted guests. A small restaurant but a real top-recommendation."
- Ulrich M. Tietz ( [August 17th 1998]
"Former Yakitori."
- E.G. ( [February 23rd 2001]
"A japanese style restaurant which is operated by a vietnamese manager. They focus yakitori in many variations with different meat, fish, vegetables. Not real japanese but not bad at all. The service is fast and attentive. They also serve sushi in two menus (€13 and €22). I used to visit this place regularly until I've had some sushi which weren't fresh at all. That may coincede with the opening of the pickpoint in the Steingasse (near the Augsburg Rathausplatz) in late 2000 - then they started to roll the sushi by day and put in into the cooling. So make sure you ask for fresh sushi. "
- Marian Semm ( [May 27th 2001]
"Outstanding sushi with finest selection of different kind of sushi. The restaurant is run by a family and offers a very polite service. During midday you can find various meals at a buffet. "
- S Koller [Feb 28th 2007]



Address:Schertlinstr. 12a, 86159 Augsburg
Phone:(0821) 571-119
Fax:(0821) 581-282
Opened:Wed - Mon: 11.30am - 2pm, 6pm - midnight, closed tuesdays.
Reviews:"Gut, Gut, Gut!"
- Uwe und Andrea Schröder ( [August 12th 1997]
"Very good and original japanese style steak house where they cook at the table (like Daitokai/Munich). Very good teppanyaki and teriyaki menus. For lunch they offer cheaper menus. What a pity that they don't serve the Sukiyaki with a raw egg any more. New: They serve sushi without reservation - but €18 for 9 small sushi (3 maki and 6 nigiri) are really too much. "
- Marian Semm ( [May 27th 2001]


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