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Crazy Sushi EDO O.S.C.A.R.
Oishii Shogun CLOSED !

Crazy Sushi

Name:Crazy Sushi
Address:Büchel 53, 52062 Aachen
Phone:(0241) 4099-480
Fax:(0241) 4099-481
Opened:Mo-Thu: Noon -10pm,Fri, Sat: Noon-11pm, Sun: 6pm-10pm
Reviews:"A very nice Sushi-bar whith very moderate prices and fresh fish. Has also vegetatian sushi. Will getting bigger with more than 30 seats in February 2004 just beside the actual place. Will be open everyday and in the evening!"
- Kirsten ( [Jan 2nd 2004]
" Dear Sir/Madam, on my recent trip to Aachen, Germany I was looking for a place to have Sushi. I tried out the Crazy Sushi, a standing bistro enough for 4-6. And it turned out literally to be a "Crazy, stupid" decision to have gone there and eat their Sushi. The Sushi was not fresh nor authentic. It was pre-prepared, stored in boxes and cut when the customer ordered it. I dont know how many hours the sushi was stored but it seemed to be quite a long time given the bad colour of the fish and the dryness of the Sushi. When asking the sushi chef, it turned out that the sushi chef only learnt making sushi from the German owner who NEVER had proper year-long sushi training but rather weeks of training. The same applies to the sushi chef who cannot be called a sushi chef given that he has only been learning how to do sushi for less than 6 months from a non-sushi chef. Crazy Sushi was created in order to make a living and as a lucrative trade only. There is no quality food to be found at Crazy Sushi. The cheap prices are possible because no proper Sushi chef is employed, nor is the freshness of the fish and sushi always guaranteed. Crazy Sushi is definitely a NO NO and one of the worst Japanese Sushis I ever had. I hope this helps for your next visit to Aachen. All the Best Duy Japanese professor at Cambridge University "
- [Jan 4th 2003]
"To all Sushi Freaks, one the best sushi bar`s I ever checked out.And folks believe or not, I am pretty know what I am talking about. It was my pleasure being a guest in more than 500 Sushi restaurants worldwide (most in Asia and the U.S.). Contrary to the previous restaurant tester, I can insure that the sushi was fresh all the time and both cooks are well trained sushi master`s. All employees are very friendly and the pricing stands to a very fair relation with the delicious food. During my chat with the owner I found out that, with beginning of March 2004, the Bar will be opened from 11:30 am to 11:00pm. A fully new (very trendy, very cosy, over 35 seat equipped bar) opening announced already."
- Thorn ( [Jan 27th 2004]
" I have no idea where this professor from Cambridge was, but it cannot have been the 'Crazy Sushi'. We have seldom eaten so good and fresh Sushi like there. The Staff was very kind and competent and you simply feel very well there. The fact is, that it is American Sushi, so it is also made with cream cheese, if you like. I can really recommend 'Crazy Sushi' to everybody. "
- Simmy ([May11th 2005]
"From the outsize it doesn't look like a typical sushi bar. Japanese elements are down to a minimum. The sushi was fresh, tasty and cheap!! I liked the fact that you can chose to have 4 or 8 pieces a roll. Gives you some (financial) room to experiment with new rolls. Did I mention that it was cheap? Great value for your money!! "
- Wout ( [Dec 28th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website



Name:EDO at BW Hotel Regence
Address:Peterstr. 71, 52062 Aachen
Phone:(0241) 478-70
Fax:(0241) 390-55
Opened:Mon-Sat: 12.30pm - 2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm
Reviews:"First Japanese restaurant in Aachen."
- A.Neumark ( [December 21st 2000]
" This is an excellent Japanese restaurant and absolutely the best in Aachen. Staff are Japanese and service excellent. They have a small sushi-bar and teppan-yaki here. "
- Vesku Sarjanen ( [February 11th 2003]
"Japanese (teppan-yaki) restaurant although it's possible to eat sushi à la carte. Good sushi, small (thin) rolls and expensive. The sushi selection is rather basic but they do have a kind of 'catch-of-the-week'. A speciality fish that you normally don't find that easily in the average sushi bar. I only went once to EDO so I can't tell if they do this every week or if I was just plain lucky. "
- Wout ( [Dec 28th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website



Name:Sushibar O.S.C.A.R.
Address:Neupforte 2B, 52061 Aachen
Phone:(0241) 409-0096
Opened:Mon-Sat: Noon-3pm,6pm-11pm, Sun: 6pm-11pm
- Gerd Xhonneux ( [April 19th 2001]



Address:Pontstrasse 83, Aachen
Phone:(0241) 900-8360
Review:"Dear Sir, I have been visiting a couple of times in a Japanese restaurant called Oishii in Aachen, Germany and would like to provide a review since haven't seen any so far. This restaurant was really nice surprise to me. After living several years in Japan I'm always bit caucious when the staff are non Japanise. The service was really good and friendly, and I also liked the rather modern and modest setting of the restaurant. Sushi was at least well above the average or even more - fish was very fresh, and rice properly made to my taste. It was very good value for the money. Highly recommended. "
- Vesku Sarjanen ( [Feb 28th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Shogun CLOSED !

Name:Shogun CLOSED !
Address:Monheimsallee 1, 52062 Aachen
Review:" "
- Monika Maier-Leins [July 4th 2000]


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