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Aalborg, Denmark/Danmark/Dänemark.

Karma Sushi Sushisushi (former Sushi & Ko)

Karma Sushi

Name:Karma Sushi
Address:Ved Stranden 22, 9000 Aalborg
Phone:(+45) 98147400
Opened:11.30 am - 22 pm (23pm)
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushisushi (former Sushi & Ko)

Name:Sushisushi (former Sushi & Ko)
Address:Ved Stranden 11 B, 9000 Aalborg
Phone:(+45) 9810-9840
Opened:Mon-Sat: 12am-10pm, Sun: 4pm-9pm
Reviews:"The restaurant is something like a kitchen and basic diner separated by a counter. The decor it more utilitarian than anything else - there is very little ambiance. The choices available on the menu were pretty much limited to the well-known basics. Some attempt has been made to update the menu by adding some new items. The fish used is unfortunately pre-frozen which is not exactly ideal. One dish I can definitely recommend is the Dragon Roll Black - a grilled eel speciality with a sweet sauce - a delight for the taste buds. Like almost everything in Denmark, Sushisushi is expensive compared to many sushi restaurants I have visited around the world. It is at least double the price of a typical London restaurant. It's the only sushi restaurant in this part of Denmark, and this lack of competition certainly shows in terms of quality and value for money (or absence of). "
- Amy de Taranto [Nov 13th 2006]
"New owner, New interior, New menu. Really Great Sushi!!! "
- Nick Bediako ( [May 5th2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


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