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Gozen Japanese Blues Koto
Made in Japan Made In Japan (2) Millhouse Sushi Kaitan
Miyabi Mr.Sushi Sakura
SETO Tamura The Sushi Bar
Zahrada v opeĝe (Garden in the Opera)


Name:Gozen - Restaurant of Japan
Address:Mozartova 10, Prague/Praha
Phone:(+42) 0257326805
Fax:(+42) 0257326805
Opened:Mon-closed, Tue 18-23, Wed-Sunday 12-15 18-23
Review:"Genuine japanese restaurant offering unique japanese dishes from Sashimi, Sushi and Tempura to Japanese Noodles (home made Ramen), salads and Seasonal Dishes. "
- Stepan Radic ( [May 27th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website (english/czech)


Japanese Blues

Name:Japanese Blues
Address:Jihozapadni IV, 9 Prague (Praha) 4, Czech Republic
Phone:(02) 900-21363
Opened:Sunday: 8pm - late
Reviews:"This is a place to go to meet people in Prague. Every sunday, people can come for a nominal cost, relax, enjoy sushi and meet foreigners and locals."
- Frederick Malouf ( [January 6th 1998]
"Unfortunately this place is a little bit outside of the focus, in the southern suburbians of Prague."
- A.Pickar / The Sushi World Guide ( [September 17th 1998]



Address:Mostecká 20, 118 00 Prague 1
Phone:(02) 5753-2922
Fax:(02) 5753-1402
Opened:Daily: Noon - 11pm
Reviews:"We are ready to serve all delicacies of the genuine Japanese cuisine (including fresh sushi and sashimi) right in the historical centre of the old city of Prague. See homepage of the Japanese restaurant KOTO (map, complete menu, other services). E-mail:"
- Radana Mikulova ( [August 13th 2000]
"Once again, disappointing sushi, no better than pre-made supermarket variety. "
- Carlos Lamonaca ( [April 13th 2001]
"Traditional Japanese food and good sushi... Good tip :-) "
- Peter Klein ( [March 3rd 2006]
Link:Restaurant homepage (in english and czech)


Made in Japan

Name:Made in Japan
Address:Rytirska 10, Prague 1
Phone:(+42) (02) 2423-5604
Fax:(+42) (02) 2423-5605
Opened:Daily: 11am - Midnight
Review:"Japanese restaurant with a stylish design in a centrum of Prague (near to Old town square) is very popular and visited. The rich menu is offering sushi, sashimi, nigiri, temaki, maki, special rolls and very popular sushi sets for a useful price. Variety salads, soups, noodles, grilled fish and meat. The best loved of desserts is home made green tea ice cream. Various select of wines from around the world. Everyday a special offer of food. You can watch the sushi-man in a work. The restaurant is air-conditioned. Every evening is interesting projection. All food take away. "
- (K. Petra) (
Link:Restaurant Website


Made In Japan (2)

Name:Made In Japan (2)
Address:Krizovnicka 4, Prague 1/Praha 1
Phone:(+42)(02) 2231-2576
Fax:(+42) (02) 2423-5605
Opened:Daily: Noon - 11pm
Review:"The little homely sushi bar near to Charles bridge is offering sushi, sashimi, nigiri, temaki, maki, special rolls and very popular sushi sets for useful price. Also salads, soups, noodls, grilled fish and meat. DVD projection and nice music with friendly atmosphere. The sushi bar is air-conditioned. All food take away. You can watch the sushi chef at work. "
- Petra Korcziánová ( [Fab 21st 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Millhouse Sushi Kaitan

Name:Millhouse Sushi Kaitan
Address:Na Prikope 22, Prague
Opened:11am - Midnight
Review:" "
- Michal Kloss ( [May 10th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website
Other related Links:Restaurant Review



Address:Navratilova 10, Praha 1
Phone:+420 2 96233102-3
Review:"In my opinion the best sushi restaurant outside of Japan. Amazing sushis at a very correct price. If you have to try 1 restaurant in Prague, try this one!"
- Dr.Mayor ( [Jan 24th 2014]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Mala Stupartska 3, Prague/Praha
Phone:(+42) (07) 2511-1555
Opened:10am - 11pm
Review:"This is awesome. Probably the best sushi restaurant in Prague. Very stylish. I love the samurai. "
- ( [Jan 17th 2008]



Address:Stefanikova 7, Praha 5
Phone:02 254 2349
Opened:12:00-15:00 / 18:00-23:00
Review:"This is the first japanese restaurant in Prague. They have a japanese chef. The restaurant can be found in the quarter ´Smichov´, south of ´Mala Strana´ (Lesser Town)."
- A.Pickar / The Sushi World Guide ( [September 17th 1998]



Name:SETO (Seoul & Tokyo)
Address:Stefanikova 7, Praha 5
Phone:420-776-044-678,420-737-61-77-66, 42-02-5732-9250
Opened:Mon-Fri: 6pm-11pm, Sat,Sun:5pm-10pm
Review:"The first-ever original Korean & Japanese cuisines are prepared by professional Japanese and Korean chefs.It is designed with traditional interiors and Karaoke equipped with English,Korean,Japanese and Russian folk songs. "
- Mr.Chung ( [August 13th 2002]
Link:Restaurant Website (in english and czech)



Name:Sushi Bar Praha Tamura
Address:Havelská 6, Prague 1, 110 00, Praha/Prag/Prague
Phone:(420) 224 232 056
Opened:Daily: 11am - 11pm
Review:" It was establisched in 1994 as the first original Japanese restaurant in Prague by Tamura Hiroumi, who is the owner of the Head of Japanese cookery facilities certificate granted by the mayor of Tokyo. Only inported Japanese food materials are used in large range of Japanese dishes (app.90) we offer here. from: "
- Hiroumi Tamura ( [June 16th 2003]


The Sushi Bar

Name:The Sushi Bar
Address:Zborovska 49, Prague 5 (on the Mala Strana border near Ujezd tramstop)
Phone:(0603) 244-882
Opened:Daily 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
Reviews:"Hands down the best sushi in CZ-land! My friends and I call this place "Sushi Duse" ('duse' being the Czech word for heart & soul) because that is how the sushi is prepared here. The three guys (Honza, Mirek and Radek) who have made sushi their life and who make Sushi Duse what it is have been doing sushi for 6 and a half years (including a three-month course in Yokohama, Japan). Go on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays, when the newly delivered fish is at its freshest. "
- Geoff Goodfellow [August 7th 2000]
"There was no Japanese chef, the people were nice, but the sushi is on par with what you get pre-made in a supermarket. "
- Carlos Lamonaca ( [April 13th 2001]
"Been there 4-5 times over the last couple of years. Good sushi but slow service - these guys are not half as fast as the average japanese sushi man. Ssushi is a work of art, a state of mind and sometimes as good as sex. but, as with sex, a long wait doesn't always make it better. "
- [May 13th 2001]
"This is excellent sushi! Nice restaurant, nice people who speak excellent english. Had a four-piece Nigiri take away. Perfect rice, plenty of seafood. The arrangement on the tray was beautiful and presented to me before put in a bag. Just one tiny thing: no cup for the soy-sauce??? Had to dip in a whisky tumbler from the hotel... Anyhow, next time i Prague I'll be back for a set dinner in the restaurant. "
- David Ohlén, Sweden ( [April 7th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Zahrada v opeĝe (Garden in the Opera)

Name:Zahrada v opeĝe (Garden in the Opera)
Address:Legerova 75, (next to State Opera Praha), Praha 1,
Phone:224 239 685
Opened:Daily : 11.30am - 1pm (sushi days tues-sat)
Review:"SUSHI DAYS with Mr. Tadayoshi Ebina every week Tuesday to Saturday. "
- Ivan Bleyer ( [Mar 3rd 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


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