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Orizuru Sushi Bar

Orizuru Sushi Bar

Name:Orizuru Sushi Bar
Address:Victoria Dock, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Phone:(03) 6231-1790
Fax:(03) 6234-4464
Opened:Mon-Sat: Lunch and dinner, Closed Sundays
Review:"Orizuru is one of the finest sushi bars in Australia. Any sushi lovers who find themselves in Tasmania MUST go there. For starters, Orizuru has a great view. It´s in the heart of Hobart, on a dock overlooking fishing boats. You´ll sometimes see big tuna being winched off one of the boats and carted into the sushi bar. This fresh factor is one of the things that makes Orizuru sushi nirvana. Most of the fish is straight off the boats. The uni (sea urchin roe) and ikura (salmon roe) are harvested nearby. More often than not, what you eat for dinner was still in the water that morning. The variety is incredible. While Australians have embraced sushi, most tend to opt for tuna, salmon and prawn. Consequently, many sushi bars stock these basics and not much else. Orizuru stocks all kinds of only-in-Tasmania delicacies. Even the most intrepid sushi conoisseur will probably discover a new taste sensation at Orizuru. But in order to do so, you must let owner-chef Shige-san know of your appreciation for fine sushi. Just give him a budget and an appetite level and tell him to make you special things. This tends to work best earlier in the week when it´s not manically busy. Also, if you talk computers or diving with Shige-san you´ll probably score free snacky appetizers. And be sure to see if he´s hoarding any cuts which taste great cooked. His deep-fried dark tuna meat tastes like the finest steak only better. And his grilled alfonseno - a small, oily, deep-sea fish - literally MELTS. Be sure to call as far ahead as possible to score best possible seats. There are only four at the counter, five if you´re all good friends. Enjoy! "
- Heather & Grahame ([June 14th 1999]


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